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Dg(?) With Threadfin Rainbows In 15g?

Discussion in 'Dwarf Gourami' started by spklvr, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. spklvrNew MemberMember

    I am contemplating getting what I think is a male Dwarf Gourami. In my language, they are called Ruby Gouramis, and are described as being a little smaller than normal DG (2 inch/5 cm) and from searching online I think maybe they are Flame Gouramis. I have a 15G with a group of threadfin rainbows, and I am quite fond of them, so would obviously prefer them not to get eaten.The tank is heavily planted. Been cycled for a couple of years. Has a higher capacity filter than needed.

    Does this sound okay for a single male gourami?
  2. ArthurTheAquaristNew MemberMember

    Honestly, I would keep Dwarf Gouramis in a minimum of 20 gallons. Anabantoids, especially males, tend to be quarrelsome to other fish with colorful, long, and showy fins. This can be prominent in smaller tanks, at least in my experience. I would reccomend the smaller and more peaceful, Honey Gourami "Trichogaster Chuna" as your centerpiece fish, as they are not inbred and unhealthy, whereas the Dwarf Gouramis are.
  3. Mike406New MemberMember

    You might be pushing it with that much bioload in 15 The heavily planted tank is definitely helping in handling the nitrates and nitrates With the added fish you might be quickly reaching the limit of what the 15 can do Additional water changes may help but I would definitely plan on upping the tank size in the near future These fish will grow adding more waste to the water column putting additional on we 15