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Discussion in 'Dwarf Gourami' started by carollaurenreilly, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. carollaurenreillyValued MemberMember


    I have a 36 gallon tank with 8 glo danios, a couple ghost shrimp, and my two beautiful gouramis. One is a powder blue and the other is just a regular dg. I was nervous about putting two boys in the tank and when I was floating the newest one in the bag they would try to attack each other through the bag. It stopped as soon as I let him in the tank.

    My tank is already equipped with a great filter, an air pump, a heater, and a thermometer.

    My question is I read that male gouramis can get along unless they are in breed mode. What are some signs of "breed mode" and how long does it last? Also, what can I do to protect the other gourami? Should I add more plants? Right now my tank is pretty bare, but they don't seem to mind it. I have a big rock cave in the center and some artificial plants in the back corners.

    Also is it weird that they hang out together? My blue will chase the smaller one but won't bite him. He will just swim next to him for a little then move on. The smaller one does it too just not as often.

    Also I want to get some live plants in there are there any suggestions? I don't really care if they eat them as long as they are happy fish!




    Thank you so much!

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  2. DoubleDutchFishlore LegendMember

    Personally I'd return one.
    The "wild" type will get a dark chin when in breedingmood.
    High temps triggers this, so temps of 21-23 could prevent this a bit.
    Gouramis means : floatingplants. More planted plants means more hiding places / less visability.

  3. carollaurenreillyValued MemberMember

    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. My LFS doesn't seem too knowledgeable since they told me I could easily put three to four DG in my 36 gal tank together. I'll definitely add some more plants. I've been watching them pretty closely and they seem to have defined their territories. If I see them stressing I will take one away. The one who was initially the non-aggressive one but he seems to be more territorial now.

    I have another question in relation to their eating habits. They come up to the top when I put food in, but don't seem to eat it. They both look healthy, but I want to make sure I don't let it go too long. I feed them tropical flakes and dried blood worms. Anything else I should be doing?


  4. CefValued MemberMember

    Will await a reply as my new flame dg is acting the same way, he sometimes "eat" but spit it back out. He is quite active.
  5. carollaurenreillyValued MemberMember

    Mine did that when I first put him in. He was super active too. I think I'm going to add some floating plants in the back corner. Hope you get some help!
  6. carollaurenreillyValued MemberMember

    Now one of mine is sitting at the bottom rocking side to side. Is this normal?
  7. jhigg008Well Known MemberMember

    Not sure about the rocking...can you be more specific? I have honey gouramis and I could not get them to eat! Then I bought so seaweed sheets and a veggie clip and they love it!
  8. carollaurenreillyValued MemberMember

    He is sitting at the bottom of the tank. He will lean to one side and then straighten then do it again. Its pretty subtle, but before he was pretty active. The newer gourami is actually the bully now so I am trying to decide if hes stressed. I don't want to take him back, but if that is the issue I won't put him through it. The dwarf powder blue is being bullied by the regular dg.
  9. AquaphobiaFishlore LegendMember

    Which gourami is the newer one? How long was the first one in the tank before you added the second?
  10. carollaurenreillyValued MemberMember

    The newer one is the regular dg. The blue was put in a day before.
  11. AquaphobiaFishlore LegendMember

    Hm. It sounds like the reg. DG is more aggressive. I would have expected the first one in the tank to have established more of a claim over the tank though one day isn't really long enough for that. I would try adding more plants, especially the floating plants, and see if that helps. I would also add taller plants through the middle of the tank behind the cave and some shorter ones elsewhere. Having hiding places is usually helpful for reducing stress.
  12. carollaurenreillyValued MemberMember

    I just put the reg dg in a floating breeder and my blue is already acting a little better already he is eating the moss ball I have in the tank. I hope its just the temperament of that one because they look so good together. Should I bring the reg one back for being aggressive or the blue one back for acting sick even though it could be stress? I don't wanna keep the mean one in a breeder too long.
  13. AquaphobiaFishlore LegendMember

    That's a tough choice. I would keep the one you like most. I'd bet that the blue will feel a lot better without the stress and will be ok from now on.
  14. carollaurenreillyValued MemberMember

    I think that is what I am going to do. Even in the breeder the red dg is all expanded and aggressive.
  15. AquaphobiaFishlore LegendMember

    Bummer:( Well, with that level of aggressiveness it may be that your other fish will be in danger from him as well.
  16. carollaurenreillyValued MemberMember

    Yea the blue one is just sitting at the bottom next to a plant.. I hope hes ok :(

    Still sitting at the bottom. Hasn't come up for air once.
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  17. jhigg008Well Known MemberMember

    My honey gouramis took about a week to get used to the tank and start swimming around and to the top. Do you have the tank lights on? You might want to turn them off for a bit to reduce stress
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  18. CakeyValued MemberMember

    hope he gets better.
  19. carollaurenreillyValued MemberMember

    Thank you all for your help! I returned the aggressive dg last night and my blue dg is back to swimming around! I don't really see him eat though. He will eat the flakes, but spit them back out. Maybe he eats when I'm not looking. I feed the tank dried blood worms and tropical flakes. Any suggestions? He seems healthy otherwise.
  20. AquaphobiaFishlore LegendMember

    That's a good improvement! I wouldn't worry about him not eating. Fish can go for a fairly long time without food so he won't starve just yet. All I can suggest is if you get desperate to see him eat, try something so tempting he can't possibly ignore it! Like live/frozen bloodworms;)

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