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Discussion in 'Dwarf Gourami' started by CarriePhLyons, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. CarriePhLyonsNew MemberMember

    Hi, I am completely new to both the forum and to tropical fish (although I have had coldwater for years).
    I have a heated BiOrb 30L with 2 DGs. However, the smallest of the 2 seems to have bullied the other into complete submission, to the extent where he is scared to emerge from his plants....

    They have lots of hiding places, 5 plants etc...

    Should I take one of them out?
    Do you have any helpful thoughts?

  2. orbelinaValued MemberMember

    I personally haven't had dg's but my friend has in a 180l tank and they could be bullies...so much so she returned them.. sorry to say but I just don't think 30l is going to be big enough I would get them out of there asap if you have other fish in with them...even if you don't I personally would separate them before you lose one of them

  3. CarriePhLyonsNew MemberMember

    At the moment they are the only fish in the tank! I will take one of them out and back to the pet shop I think... I am irritated that the pets@home people told me I needed to have 2 of them....
  4. orbelinaValued MemberMember

    Ahhh pets at home lol...take anything they say with a very large pinch of salt...nothing can beat doing a bit of research first...unfortunately of all the gouramis I have known about dg's tend to be the more aggressive, and they need far more space than 30l.
    If I was you I would take them both back and use the tank for some teeny nano fish in a nice little shoal...galaxy rasboras are really pretty and stay teeny...
  5. orbelinaValued MemberMember

    Or you could have a betta they are great little guys and actually prefer being their own.. I have two in seperate 35l tanks.
    They are total people fish and have great personalities :D
  6. soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    They arnt bullies -_-. You shouldnt buy fish before you research them. What they are doing is natural to them, you dont keep DG together, you just dont. They dont like each other, they dont like other gourami. All you need to do is return the less dominate one. No point keeping a submissive fish. One DG makes a good community fish, no need to get rid of them and replace the stock. Dg are very much like betta, however they cope better in community tanks. They have a very wide personalities like bettas.

    Edit: I misread the tank size, i thought it said 30G. 30l isnt enough for a DG. He will be the only fish in the tank and anything else will more then likley get beat up due to cramped spaces. Id return them both. Bettas, nanos, inverts all make good for a 30l/7gal tank
  7. CarriePhLyonsNew MemberMember

    I do have a Betta (you can see him in my avatar) he is not in the same tank though!!
  8. CarriePhLyonsNew MemberMember

    OK. Thanks for your help. The dominant fish certainly seems very happy in there, I will return the submissive fish.
  9. soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    Id still return him, its really going to just stress him out being in such a small tank, and trust me, it wont get better as he ages. These are a very... im trying to think of a good word...."wanting/deserving" fish, the DG like to have larger spaces with other fish in them, that of course they can defend their place from. They really dont mind tank mates. My dwarf was in my 10gal, he killed everything. I have him in my larger 29 now, he loves it. Hes very very peaceful and defends a bit of drift wood. He gets his high quality diet of frozen and pellets.
  10. orbelinaValued MemberMember

    I didn't say they are bullies I said my friends dg's could be bullies but she had them in with angels too...she is one for buying fish before researching and unfortunately found out the hard way by losing one of her angels...:(
  11. Wendy LubianetskyWell Known MemberMember

    Be careful with a fish that gets bullied like that. I had a juvenille Oscar getting bullied so much he would never come out of the corner; he would not even eat. I bought him his own tank, but it turned out the reason he was being bullied was that he is blind in one eye. If there is a problem like that, you really have to intercede quickly.
  12. soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    Im with wendy there, a lot of times the weaker of the 2 fish may have something wrong with it(of course it could be lack of strength and just be submissive) if the fish is submissive there may be reasons for it. Thats why i recommended keeping the dominate fish.

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