Device to start suction?

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    I have a tall, skinny aquarium with a canister filter that sits underneath. It seems that whenever I clean the filter, etc., I always lose suction and end up having to suck on the tube/get water in my mouth. My question is: Is there some sort of device that you can attach to the pipe/hose/whatever that will do the sucking for you so that you don't have to put your mouth on it?
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    Ok... BDpups might know, he has an Eheim canister. I've only got Fluvals so can't really help you out, sorry!

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    I have the same filter. Fill the return hose with water. You can dip it in the tank if need be leave return end in the tank and turn off that connector valve and hook you canister back up open all those connected valves opening the one to the return last. the full hose should start the syphon

    Unless I'm cleaning the hose so jus close the off and leave them full of water and hanging in the tank