DESPERATELY Need Help with my Algae problems :(


Hello all! I really desperately need help to identify and give solutions to control my algae problems in my 20 gallon tank. I believe I have multiple different types of algae. I will provide a picture of a rock that has all the different ones on it. The tank is a 20 gallon tank with some guppies, cory cats, celestial pearl danios and a nerite snail. I've had all these fish for around 6 months or so besides the cory cats. The snail is very active and moves around the tank like crazy. He just cant keep up with the algae.

A main concern with this algae is that it looks terrible but mostly that it stunts the growth of my anacharis. In the beginning my anacharis grew like crazy and insanely fast. Like each stem was growing around 1-2 inches per day. Eventually all this algae took over and completely stunted the growth of the anacharis. The algae grows so fast that the new green growth gets covered so quick that it stops growing. I've lost 90 percent of my once lush growth to this algae and ended up having to throw most of it in the trash Another thing to note is that it does not really affect my dwarf sag? The dwarf sag is still growing great and iv'e never once had to remove any of it from the leaves.

I am open to any suggestions. My lights run for 7.5 hours a day. They are just the stock LED lights on the tank so they aren't like super bright or anything. I don't use any fertilizers. Should I be or is that just going to make the problem worse? Also would Co2 do me any good? I've heard it can help reduce algae but i'm not sure how true this is. I'm open to spend whatever money I need to control this problem even if it means investing in Co2. I'm so done with it. Please help me identify and give any solutions I can try. Thank you so much!!


I have this food and some that are good if can buy that is good you can get them on amazon or at some pet stores.


eaqueff - looks like you have 2 threads going at same time that are really dealing with the same questions and issues. I replied with help in your other thread.

I recommend working the other thread to help you with all your questions and issues. I'll continue to help and answer all your questions there.

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I’m not going to be much help here so sorry in advance. No idea what to suggest about tackling the root cause but how about just getting another one or two snails?
Also I know there are products out there that target algae growth that you can get from a pet store, it just depends if you’re willing to use any chemicals or go down a 100% natural route

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