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I was helping some friends move their tank and we found that one of their African dwarf frogs was still alive.

It was previously thought that it had been killed and eaten by their pleco as its friend met an unfortunate end by being caught by the pleco and dragged around the tank until it died and the white one was not seen since it first went into the tank.

They didn’t want to give up their pleco for the frog, but didn’t want to leave it in and risk it meeting the same fate as the other one. So now I have it.

I have never owned African dwarf frogs before and don’t know what to do.

Currently she (we think it’s a female) is in a 5G tank with 4 Amano shrimp as it was the only place I could put her.

She’s tiny - I’m talking my shrimp are the same size as her if not bigger. And she appears to have been battered about rather a lot (we think it was the pleco) as she has what can only be described as a bruise on her back between her shoulders about the same size as the pleco’s mouth - the frog is white and this mark is a blueish/purple colour which my friends swear hands down she did not have when they brought her and the other frog home. She has several other similar coloured marks on her legs.

After the other frog died 2 weeks ago and my friends not having seen her at all after she first went in, even when cleaning the tank, they assumed she’d died and so had not bothered to add bloodworms into the tank.

She is very thin, I can see virtually every joint and bone in her body and her skin is translucent, I can see most of her veins/arteries.

I want to know what chance of survival you guys reckon she has and how, if she does survive the next few days, to make her more at home and care for her properly.

I have obviously bought blood worm and although having always been told not to feed for the first 24 hours after they go into a new tank, I added some for fear she wouldn’t last much longer without food.

Although hiding amongst the moss balls I saw her dart out several times to snatch up something to eat.

Any advice at all from ideas on how to make sure she survives to long term plans eg. Plants they prefer, if she needs another frog etc would be greatly appreciated



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They are considered socialable so more then one is preferred but not necessarily needed. At this point it would be best to have good food, good water quality and it would benefit from shallow water.


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A healthy safe environment is paramount. After that, nutrition (including whether it’s eating, which it appears to be), and friends.
What kind of tank or home have you set up for it? Over the short term, I think the 5 gallon will be ideal. Once the frog is healthier, it will be able to handle deeper water such as a 10 gallon or a 20 long, but for now, I suggest restricting water depth to somewhere between 4 to 6 inches deep. You could go with their bottom, or coarse smooth gravel.
If you can, feed it twice a day, lightly. You should be looking for high-protein foods like minced raw shrimp, mysis shrimp, blood worms, etc. Basically, see what frozen fare your pets store has.
It should be fine with the shrimp.

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