Desperately In Need Of Advice On Keeping Goldfish

Discussion in 'Goldfish' started by Lil Spicy, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Lil Spicy

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    Hi I recently got a comet goldfish. I won it as a prize from my school when they were having a fundraiser. I brought it home and put it in a fish bowl as I didn't have a tank to put it in and did extensive research the whole night. The next day I purchased a 10 gal tank that came with a filter, tropical fish food and a dechlorinator. I had no time to cycle the tank as I feared it would fair a lot worse in an unfiltered bowl. The following day or today Apr.15 my parents went out and returned with an oranda unaware of the fact that thinner and more slick and rounder goldfish don't exactly go well together. We were going to return it but by the time we returned to the store it would have died. They also purchased an ammonia reliver and goldfish flakes. I am now in a loss of what to do. I have a small 10 gal for two growing goldfish. I am aware that they need now a 55 gal in order to accommodate them. I have questions on how I probably treat the water as I didn't cycle and make sure they survive until I have the money to buy a bigger tank. As well as what supplies do I need to purchase until I can upgrade their tank.
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    You should be doing frequent water changes, at least half the volume each time.
    I would have Seachem Prime on hand to dose in case of an ammonia spike, it removes toxic buildup in the water.
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    Congrats on doing the research, you now understand that any solution will be short term in that size tank.

    go out and buy the following:

    1. API Freshwater Master Test kit
    2. Seachem Prime
    3. Bottled Bacteria (Like Seachem Stability or TSS of TSS+ or Dr Tim's)
    4. New buckets for water changes.

    do you understand the cycle? in the short term, your ammonia will start to rise. Prime detoxifies ammonia up to 1ppm. if your ammonia goes above that (you test daily with the test kit), then you'll need to do partial water changes to keep it below 1ppm.

    then nitrites will start to appear. prime also detoxifies those, but it can only make the water safe for your goldfish when your total ammonia PLUS nitrites combined are less than 1ppm in total. if both together go above 1ppm, again, water changes will save your fish.

    i hope this gets you started! Good luck and welcome to fishlore ! :)
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    Well the only thing I have to offer, that other people haven’t already said. The two goldfish would need a minimum of 30 gallons. The rule as I understand it is 20 gallons for the first goldfish and 10 gallons for every goldfish after that.
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    Lil Spicy

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    Thank you everyone for the advice. I greatly appreciate it.
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    It's so great that you are trying to make the best life possible for your fish! Well done you.

    I really don't understand why gold fish are still handed out as prizes at fairs etc. No other pet would be handed out as a prize. Not your fault at all, just not a very sensible thing for the school to do.
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    The goldfish you won really needs a pond. It can get up to 12 inches in length. Your oranda needs a 20 gallon by itself, but a 40 gallon breeder would be better so it could have a fancy goldfish friend. A cheap alternative until you can upgrade would be to get a large plastic storage bin from Wal-mart or similar. I used one for a quarantine tank that was around 20 gallons and I know they have some that are even larger. You can also buy stock water tanks from places like Tractor Supply that will be larger volume. Right now Petco has their $1 gallon sale going on, with some of their larger aquariums half price. You would have to buy the accessories, however.
  8. Mom2some

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    Welcome. For goldfish info I like to check out the YouTube channel Solid Gold. These two fish are not long term compatible, as it sounds like you already know. Congratulations on doing your research! Keep reading here & you will learn lots!
  9. Briggs

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    If you can't afford a larger tank, I would try to make them a diy container pond out of a large plastic storage tote and order a sponge filter for it. It won't be as pretty as a glass tank, but the dilution that comes with larger water volume will make life much easier for both you and the fish. A 50 gallon plastic bin goes for under $25 at walmart or home depot, a sponge filter around $10, and a air pump to run the filter between $10-20. You could have a whole 50 gallon set up for less than $40 if you shop around.
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    I would like to point out that from what I understand, they said that the oranda passed away.
  11. OP
    Lil Spicy

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    No actually the oranda is alive. I meant that if we returned to the store it would have died along the way. So instead we took our chances with it joining the comet. They are both doing fine and are getting along. I'm making sure they are both eating since of course the comet is much faster than the oranda.
  12. lilabug4545

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    OH! Okay! I just got confused (Not too uncommon for me).
  13. OP
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    Another question so is it possible for them to live together. I have no plans on adding more goldfish as two is already a hassle. I have seen people keeping them together. I know that round and thin goldfish don't mix well because ones faster than the other at getting food. If I were able to hand feed them both and put in the extra work is it possible. I found no clear answer on the web on either side. At least from what I found.
  14. Mom2some

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    Aw - the idea of hand feeding then sounds so sweet!
    Another vote for a 50 gal tub with a sponge filter & airpump to make things easier for all of you.