Dero Worm And Daphnia Co Cultures So Cal Only

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Feed your fish healthy, live food! $5 to get you started with a dero worm and daphnia co culture, So Cal only as I don't ship (our temperature swings are really extreme). Riverside, CA. I occasionally drive to LA and Orange County and may be able to meet you off a freeway ramp.

You can grow dero (microfex) worms and daphnia together in a plastic shoe box or 2-gallon container. This type of co culture does better in 6 inches or less. Just use a small pump and airline for bubbles. Feed the dero worms blanched veggies, algae wafers, and/or fish food. The daphnia eat their waste, but you can also give them a little bakers yeast dissolved in a shot glass of warm water and then mixed into a half cup of tank water.

You can also co culture daphnia and snails in a 10-gallon tank. Feed the snails, and the daphnia will eat their waste and/or give them some yeast.

I keep lights over the tanks and occasionally scrape the algae off the sides of my dero/daphnia tank with a spatula to let them eat it more easily.

You can expand to several tanks of co cultures, so that you are covered if one crashes (it happens occasionally).

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