Dero/microfex Worm And Daphnia Co Culture


So the professor at the university lab finally convinced me to grow a co culture of of Dero/Microfex Worms and Daphnia, and I'm hooked. The Endlers love the fresh food, and it's so easy. I also set up a 10-gallon co culture of snails and daphnia. I'm thinking of getting a dwarf puffer and want to have lots of food for it

Dero/Microfex Worms and Daphnia co culture



micro worms are awesome for the smaller species, just make sure they don't get too hot. I also recommend putting a paper towel and rubberband over the top of the container to keep out fruit flys. Some say to just poke a hole in a container and put cotton in it but that doesn't seem to work the best. I also highly recommend looking into moina which is a smaller species of daphina.

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