Deodorizing after Prime spill?


My online order of a 4 L bottle of Seachem Prime arrived today. It was not packaged properly. I took the box inside and unsuspectingly put it down on a chair while I went to feed my dogs and cats. When I came back into the living room I smelled a horrible stench and I noticed that the bottom half of the still-unopened box, and the seat of the chair it was on, looked soaked. Opening the box confirmed that the bottle of Prime had been thrown into the box without anything remotely resembling proper cushioning, and had been partly crushed in transit.

How do I de-swampify my chair and my house from this?


Not sure in your case, but I splattered some Prime on a t-shirt once and it washed out the color where the Prime hit. It might as well have been bleach.
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I'm going to say baking soda. Either do a sprinkle across the surfaces and wipe down after five minutes or mix it with water and spray then wipe down after a minute (as long as it isn't a soft surface, then you'd want to blot it back off - or vacuum it off in the case of dry sprinkle).
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I get drops on my clothes and hands every time I do a water change. It washes right out. So I'd just clean it with what you'd normally clean with.
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