Dennerle Betta Booster


I tried a few different brands of betta foods, and for the longest time used NLS betta pellets. I just switched to Dennerle's Betta Booster and this is by far the best food out there for bettas that I have tried. He always had bloating issues and gets backed up very easily even with careful feeding. Ever since switching foods, he no longer has this issue. I even overfed him by mistake, but he never got constipated. It does claI'm to aid in "healthy digestion and optimum nutrient use" through the use of probiotic and prebiotic ingredients. He also shows a lot more activity and enthusiasm for food, which I've noticed and actually was thinking if it was just my imagination. The ingredients are premium and more in line with what they would consume in the wild. They don't use fish as an ingredient in any of their lineups, claiming 51% of the ingredients are composed of crustaceans and larvae. If there is a con, then it is the size of the food itself. It claims the granules are 1mm. I don't know, but mine seem smaller, but maybe it got crushed during delivery as it comes in pouches much like Hikari. So sometimes I pinch in a little too much. Again, he gets bloated when I feed too much, but he never gets constipated. Finally a food my betta can easily digest and also happens to be a very natural diet as well! I recommend this to anyone with a betta. I also own their PlecoMenu food, which also has superb all natural ingredients appropriate for armored catfish. But it's a pleco, so I can't really tell any major difference like I did for my betta lol. I actually bought these foods in the UK and delivered to the US, but their shipping was only about $4. I wish I bought more.

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I've used Dennerle foods, though not this one, & found them to be good too


I’ve used them as well. Nice quality IMO

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