Demon Worms

  1. AHugo

    AHugo Initiate Member

    Las Vegas, NV
    I discovered callamanus worms hanging out of my male Molly, and I started treatment with fenbendazole 5 days ago (medicine-soaked food 2x/ day and 90-95% water change)

    The male wouldn't eat, and he died.

    The 2 females both dropped fry 2 weeks ago (just before I noticed the callamanus infection).

    They fry are all in a fry tank and seem healthy (though I've dosed them with medicated food just in case).

    The females from the infected tank have eaten huge amounts of medicated food and have both passed large, lumpy, red poops (I hope this was worms?)

    These were my tanks from my classroom, and I had intended to introduce adults and large fry to my 55 gallon tank at home. But I don't want to infect my big tank.

    Do I wait 3 weeks and medicate again? Should I do another big water change? How do I clean tanks to be used in the fall?

    It's about 110° outside and sunny (I live in Vegas), can I bake my tanks in the sun for a few weeks after I empty them to sterilize them?
  2. hampalong

    hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    Sounds like they've passed the worms. The fry may well have contaminated themselves by eating worm eggs before you started treatment, so hopefully they're on the mend too. Just rinse the tanks and let them dry.... and sterilise all equipment, like nets etc...

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