Dehumidifier water to fill evaporated water in outside koi pond?

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    My dad has a outdoor koi pond that's fairly large- three feet deep not sure how wide or long though- if that information is helpful let me know and I'll find out. It has a filtration system and a little riverbed and waterfall.

    We recently purchased a dehumidifier for our basement and my dad was thinking of using the water to fill the water that has evaporated off the top of the koi pond every once and awhile (once a day maybe every other day).

    I read on forums that it's not recommended for indoor fish tanks and ponds due to bacteria growth and possible amounts of copper/ aluminum. However, I was curious if the same goes for outdoor ponds?

    Any help Would be much appreciated! Thanks!

    P.S. We live in the Northwest if that helps a bit with the outdoor climate.
  2. Aquaphobia

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    It probably wouldn't be as much of a problem due to the much larger volume of water in a pond. Any contaminants would be more heavily diluted. However, I also have a dehumidifier and what I do is save it for the garden or use it to flush the toilet. It's just a different way to conserve tap water;)
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    Do not do this. The dehumidifier also picks up airborn contaminates that could lead to issues in pond stability. Even if diluted bio-accumation can happen even in trace amounts and if you or your dad values your koi, then do not do this no matter what as there will always be a risk.