Decor - Blown Glass Figurines

  1. BettaCrew

    BettaCrew New Member Member

    Is it safe to place blown glass figurines in my aquarium such as the ones sold in Hobby Lobby?
  2. Retro

    Retro New Member Member

    Yes, as glass is inert and wont leech, so long as the outside isnt painted that is.
  3. OP

    BettaCrew New Member Member

    I'm also looking into using the art glass from trophies. Some of the art glass comes detached from the trophy bottoms. Do you know if it is possible to cut the piece of art glass slightly above where the glue attaches it to the base without breaking the art glass piece? (Only applies to those pieces that do not get to the trophy maker in two pieces to be glued later.) Would the newly exposed center of the art glass piece then leach into the water or would the glass that's 0025138_art-glass-harmonia_600.jpeg in the center be considered inert as well?