Decapsulated Bse To Be Hatched: Does Anyone Know The German Brand Discusfood? Question

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    Hello everyone!

    (Those who are not interested may want to skip the introduction to my question.)

    I write from in Italy.
    Three years ago I (re-)started off in the hobby with Everglades pygmy sunfish. They turned out to be difficult to satisfy in food matters. Only live food. They even disdained frozen (adult) brine shrimp, (living) microworms, and the (living) larvae of fruit flies were eaten or not according to their mood of the day.
    They made me desperate to the point of being happy with the many mosquito bites I collect each summer, especially since the Asian tiger mosquito has become acquainted with the concept of globalization (ouch!) Mosquito larvae to this day are all my fish's favorite food.
    The German breeder who had sent the fish to me, suggested over the phone that I hatch brine shrimp nauplii. That I have done ever since. The pygmy sunfish were enthusiastic. They would stop eating only after the very last freshly hatched brine shrimp had gone the way of no return. Fortunately none of the fish ever exploded.

    These are the brands I tried and my experience with them.
    SHG Premium (Italian), BSE from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Very good but expensive for my small budget.
    JBL (German). The first I got were so good I bought several units at the next purchase. None of the eggs contained in the latter hatched.
    Hobby (German). Visibly larger than the Utah eggs, they seemed to have the same high hatching rate.
    Artemia Koral (German), BSE from Siberia. On the label it says "hatching rate 95%". I had read that Siberian eggs have a hatching rate of about 35%. Anyway, for 50 grams - the other brands sold 10-20 grams - it seemed to be a bargain. So it seemed, but ... There were times no eggs hatched at all and when they did, there were very few nauplii.
    Algova (German) decapsulated BSE to be hatched.
    They're kept in a strong saline solution. I ordered a free sample paying the postage. Unfortunately these packages need low temperatures during transportation. The hatching rate was good anyway.

    Most recently someone in Germany suggested eggs from China. Due to a technical problem I have not been able to order them.

    MY QUESTION :):):):):


    I spoke over the phone with an Italian pet shop owner who said he has them: "Discusfood, decapsulated BSE that are to be hatched", 65 grams for €15,00.
    But so far I have been unable to find them on the internet.

    Many thanks for any answer!
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    Simply ask owner Ludger if he will send what you need.

    Greetings, Aad
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    Thank you for your reaction!

    And thanks for the link you provided.
    Being in Italy and not in Wales - in this case unfortunately - makes a difference:
    The product "Premium Decapsulated Brine Shrimp Eggs Fish Food Fry, Discus, Angels, etc [50g]" for a mere £3.99 does not ship to Italy.
    In other cases very much postage is added, E.g. "Brine Shrimp Eggs / Cysts 90% Hatch Rate (Fry Food)"
    from Glasgow adds £55 of postage to the product price of £8.99.
    I have sent an inquiry to another eBay seller in Hongkong, though.

    My question regards decapsulated BSE to be hatched marketed by specific a German brand: "Discusfood". It seems to be a reliable deal, bought in an Italian pet store, but I would like to obtain some info before I buy. A friend who works far away can pick it up for me, something I am unable to do myself.
    Products from Asia in this time of year take a long time to arrive - I need the eggs rather soon - and I do not know if the heat will do them any good.

    Thank you, Aad.
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    £55 postage ridicules its cheaper to get s flight over and have a day out lol