Death and dilemma

  1. m

    mopa Valued Member Member

    For the past couple days one of my neon tetras has been lethargic and not coming out to eat. Although this morning he did come out to eat and 1 hour later as I was sitting watching tv he died. He lived a life of 8 months sorry it couldn't last.
    Here is my dilemma, I now only have 1 neon left alive out of 6, and I really don't want to put more in. What should I do with last one standing.:;dk
  2. Guppy123

    Guppy123 New Member Member

    Do you know why the neon tetras were dying?
    Is it possible that the tetras were sick?
  3. Nitemelodies

    Nitemelodies Valued Member Member

    check water parameters...
    maybe bring him back to the store...? or see if you can donate him to someone....