Dear Fellow Fishlorer, What Is Your Language?

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    One thing that - in my opinion - makes Fishlore extra interesting, is the fact that we come from so many different parts of the world.
    Perhaps we could share some of it, illustrating to others something - anything - of our own language and/or culture or from another culture we have come into contact with.

    For example.
    My native Dutch qualifies as a Germanic language.
    In high school our teacher told us that the oldest known phrase in the Dutch language was:
    Hebban olla vogala nestas hagunnan hinase hic
    enda thu uuat unbidan uue nu.
    (ca. 1100)
    (All birds have started [making] nests, except for me
    and you, what are we waiting for?)

    Only very recently I read by chance in Wikipedia about a much older text (from 510), contained in a less attractive context, a law code:
    Although less poetic, it surely is at least as valuable: it gives freedom to a serf.

    Many of us, Fishlorers, live in far-off countries.
    My maternal grandfather's mum was a Caribbean Indian from Suriname, she lived in the mid 1800s.
    If I could, I would do anything to learn her language, which is still spoken, but - I am afraid - faces extinction.
    Who knows someone would be willing to give us a glimpse of the (more or less exotic) language of the country where he or she lives...

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    Your last part made me think of something interesting. I’m a descendent of Captain James Cook, a well known British explorer from the 1700’s. He’s coined for mapping a lot of New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii. He ended up being killed by Native Hawaiians. The Cook name still lives on, they’re predominantly in Massachusetts, USA. Was just there about a year ago.
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    I live in Guatemala, I speak English and Spanish, I am American of Irish-English-Scottish decent.
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    Wow! Sounds like a historical movie or tv series...
    My great-grandmother's Portuguese father was also a seafarer, as was in his younger years my granddad himself, at the beginning of the 1900s. I prefer to remain (very) close to shore for a very long swim and even that is now a thing of the past.

    Guatemala must be a beautiful country. Are you from the (partly) "Hispanic" part of the USA - California/New Mexico/Texas?
    I love the Hispanic people I met and speak some Spanish.
    Every now and then I meet Irish people here. Some speak Gaelic, very beautiful to listen to.
    I like several songs of Enya, especially these:

    Not a consumer of alcoholic beverages myself - a matter of DNA, my parents were born in Indonesia - I like to know about wines and liqueurs. Thus I discovered that the best way to put any Scotch person at ease, is by asking about his or her favorite whiskey. This way I got quite some expert information.
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    Nope, from Indiana-Kentucky area