Dealing With Ich On Fantails And Albino Bristlenoses


Hello everyone! I've had goldfish virtually all my life, and I've finally encountered ich my tank has fantail goldfish and albino BNs. Two of the fantails were introduced about 2 weeks ago from a LFS. Due to a leak in my backup filter, they weren't quarantined.
My nitrites are at 0, nitrates around 20. My ammonia is usually 0 but looked closer to 0.25 today. I test with the API liquid tests.
I chose to medicate with API liquid ick cure. I'm using the recommended 1/2 dose because of my BNs. Everyone in my tank is still interested in eating, however they have lower energy than usual. I started medicating yesterday, and two fish had been flashing before I started the medication. They've since stopped. However, I noticed a whitish patch on one of the fantails head (he's just plain orange usually) and can't quite tell if it's fungus or some kind of injury from flashing. The directions on the API liquid ick cure state to dose and dose again 48 hours later. My question is, would it be safe to add some pimafix/melafix during non ick dosing days, just in case it is fungus? I have good aeration in my tank, but I don't want to overmedicate the fish.

75g Discus Tank

I would say that BN plecos need warmer waters than fan tails by like 8 degrees so that isn’t temp compatible.
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Thank you. There's a lot of variation of opinion about the bristlenose's required temperature. Some say 60-80, some 70-80, some 75-80. Regardless, the plecos and the goldfish have lived together about 3 years, so I'm not very concerned. I'm much more concerned about the medication.


It will be fine, there are many many cases of fishkeepers treating new fish with multiple meds upon receipt of the fish from shipping.
I have usually used the heat treat method but not as easy with goldfish!
I have treated new fish as a precaution initially during quarantine with ick meds and antI fungal, but I have changed lately to a longer qt and only treating if need be.

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