Deaf kitten

  1. vnowlin04 Member Member

    I found an abandon kitten, whom I believe is a Turkish Angora! I bottle fed her and not she's about 8 weeks I assume, but I've noticed she is deaf! Anyone with experience with deaf kitties?
  2. aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    No but congrats on your new baby whom I am assuming is a white angora?. Does he or she have a name? I would love to see a picture. Usually when one sense doesn't function the other senses get more acute and he will pick up clues more from smell, vibrations, paying more attention to you and watching you. I would not let the kitty out without a leash as she wouldn't be able to hear a car coming. Alison:;hi2
  3. vnowlin04 Member Member


    Thank you! Her name is Tinkerbell.. Named with the help of my 5 year old daughter who said she looks like the cotton puff Tink was born from in the movie. She's an amazing kitten so far. It's just difficult with the training! Ha ha. I'm hoping someone with experience can give me tips..
  4. Flowingfins Fishlore VIP Member

    She's adorable!
    Our cat, Peekaboo, went deaf in the last few years before she had to be put down.
    Make sure she can see you when you are walking near her and don't let anyone suddenly touch her or pick her up without seeing them. It will freak her out and she won't trust you. It might be possible to teach her hand signals, but Peekaboo was nearly 20 years old so we didn't bother with that. Make sure that before you do anything with her she can see you.
    Good luck with her!
  5. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    She's so beautiful! Congrats on your little kitten, they grow up so fast. I also had a cat named Tinkerbell, Tink for short.:) Id take her to the vet if you haven't already, as it may be reversible or something else. Always better to be safe than sorry.;)
  6. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    What a cutie! I have no experience with deaf cats but with other deaf animals it's good to not surprise them as suggested above and not to approach them without some kind of signal that you're there. Maybe train her to a scent or vibration signal that you're near?

    There's a really lovely book called Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper. He's blind not deaf but you might get a few ideas out of it for how you can help him:)
  7. vnowlin04 Member Member

    Thank you everyone!

    I'm going to do what I can, I'm limited on a fixed income, so it won't be so easy to get it fixed.. I found ANOTHER kitten, solid black! How can I not? I feel like it might help Tink to learn from a hearing cat?

  8. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    What's the others name? The adorableness is to much...;)
  9. vnowlin04 Member Member

    Maleficent... (The Dark Fairy) Leffie for short. They sure are perfect together, the contrast is amazing! I believe these two came into my life for a reason.
  10. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    You've got to little fairies, I bet they came into your life for a reason as well, all my animals have come and gone for a reason(even my fish). You'll have to keep us updated, I want to see them grow! My cat Phoenix(female orange) was the smallest in her litter(that I saw) and is huge! She's probably around 12-13 lbs now and I think she's still growing(she's a year old)! I believe she might have some maincoone in her, if she does then she can keep growing for another three years!:)
  11. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Good grief! Where do you live that kitties are so abundant?! Cats are weirdly hard to find here lately and moggy kittens are selling for hundreds of dollars:shock:

    Your new little one is adorable, I hope you post lots of updates for us. With pictures of course;)

    And don't sweat the deafness. Many animals are able to adapt quite easily to losses that would be tragic to us. I'm sure the little one will be fine:)
  12. marijo Well Known Member Member

    Adorable kittens, the black one looks like a little brat:) It will surely help Tinkerbell to have a friend to follow!
  13. vnowlin04 Member Member

    Wow! I definitely will! I never knew there was a section for cats!
  14. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    I know! Doesn't seem like a fish forum would have reptiles, horses, dogs, cats, Guinea pigs, exc. haha
  15. vnowlin04 Member Member

    In a small hick/hippie town where people don't really care.. I know who my kittens parents are because they are both local strays I've failed to catch or get help from shelter to catch for three years now. Funny I've tried catching kittens from previous litters, failed every time! Tink literally walked up to me, and Leffie just wasn't paying attention.. I figure I got two off the street! Still avidly trying to get local shelter to help catch and release. There are 4-5 other kittens out there and maybe 10-15 adult strays that live close by. I'm near a creek and field, so I assume that's why there's so many.

    Ha ha it's helped a lot so far! They are so smart and fast learners.
  16. vnowlin04 Member Member

    Best friends!

  17. LJC6780 Well Known Member Member

    You are a bigger cat magnet than I am! I need a new kitten! We are down to 4 cats and they are all getting older now.
  18. vnowlin04 Member Member

    I would LOVE to have some sort of cat sanctuary day.. They are amazing creatures.
  19. marijo Well Known Member Member

    They are so so cute, you make me want another cat now, or two? No, no marijo, don't listen to yourself, you have two dogs, a cat and a few fish tanks, that's enough! How is Tinkerbell doing, is she adapting well?:)
  20. Dovah Well Known Member Member

    That is awesome, vnowlin04! You seem like you have a big heart. :)

    Anyone that wants some kittens come on down to Georgia, there are plenty.

    I'm currently fostering two bottle babies, a weaned baby who almost lost his leg due to infection, and seven teenagers.