Dead Squid

  1. aBettaNamedRoy

    aBettaNamedRoy Valued Member Member

    My sister's opal betta, Squid, which she purchased from Petco in January, has just passed away. He was physically very healthy, and alone in a heated and filtered 10 gallon with many plants and hides. Initially, we noticed that his fins were being torn. We assumed it was stress biting, but we were clueless as to the responsible stimuli. Nothing in the room had been altered. In the matter of hours, his tail was being ripped shorter and shorter (nothing sharp in the terrarium) and it turned a pinkish-red (potentially from the trauma to the area?). Last night, we found him lying dead at the bottom of the aquarium. He had been eating regularly the day before, and was free of pineconing and fin rot/melt symptoms.
    My sister does not own a water testing kit, but maintains the tank by doing partial water changes with treated tap water. He was super active and the pinnacle of health for the past five months, under the same routines, until this incident. Do any of you have an explanation for Squid's mysterious and unexpected death?
  2. IHaveADogToo

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    Hi. I'm very sorry to hear about your sister's betta passing so suddenly.

    We could take guesses all day at what the cause was, but that's all we would be do doing; guessing.

    If you have photos of the body, that may help.
  3. OP

    aBettaNamedRoy Valued Member Member

    If she has not buried him yet, I will attempt to get some. Thank you!
  4. phenris

    phenris Valued Member Member

    I’ve heard opal bettas are more prone to random health issues than others, but yeah, pictures will be helpful.
  5. j

    jenag145 Valued Member Member

    I agree with everyone pics would be helpful
  6. OP

    aBettaNamedRoy Valued Member Member

    I was not able to get any pictures before she buried him. A few days later, both her seemingly healthy snails died. I'm thinking perhaps it was the water parameters (high ammonia?) as I don't know many illnesses that can translate from fish to snails...
    Again, my little sister doesn't have a test kit so there's no way to check the water parameters, though I used a test strip last night and everything looked good.
    I understand that from this information it's very hard to come to a conclusion. Thanks anyway, though!