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Discussion in 'Snails' started by BrittanyLeigh, Apr 10, 2018.

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    Ok so I got some mystery snails and one of them seemed to be off from the time I brought them home. He didn't move much but he did a little and I did see him eat. Past few days he's just been in his shell so I decided to give him a few day cuz I did just add stuff to their tank and he might just be stressed. But today I did a smell check and he smelled horrible and the little trap door I believe it's called just slid off. So my question is do i need to do a complete whole tank cleaning or what? It's my first time having any kind of fish or aquatic animals and I don't want the others to get sick.
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    Toss out the deadite; do a nice 50% change today with treated water. Tomorrow, do a 10%, then measure your tank water chemistry; develop a replacement schedule based off what you see tomorrow.

    Snails die; just how it is. With any luck, the survivors will start breeding soon.
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    Ok so I'm doin what you said and they all seem to be doin just fine. Will keep monitoring them though. Thank you for the help.