Question Dead Or Dying - Can They Be Saved?


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HI all,

I'm quite new to Saltwater tanks, but been keeping fresh water tropicals for a while now. I have just inherited a salt water aquarium from a family member who is moving overseas.

I have inherited a 450L/120gal sw tank approximately 2 weeks ago. Tank currently contains 2 clowns and a bunch of rock which have a few things including a - what I am lead to believe is a toadstool leather - a yellow unknown coral/sponge thing. During the move, we were unable to keep the temperature high enough for a number of the buckets we were transporting the rock in, unfortunately the 2 non-fish organisms I mentioned got pretty cold, and 2 weeks on, are not doing so well. I have added some s of lifeforms in their very sad state, but I fear there is no coming back for them. If possible, would anyone be able to tell me if these things are dead or dying? and if they are still even a little alive, be able to come back from their current state?

TLDR: Pictures show some things that are or are dying - would like to know if they will come back

Saying that, the salinity was lacking till a few days ago when I've finally been able to get a hold of some salt - and tested levels seem to be fine (a little high in nitrates only).

Water Parameters:
Temp 25.1c / 77.3f
Salinity - just under 35%
PH - 7.8
Ammonia - 0
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate - 0
(Yes - nitrogen cycle is complete - this tank has been established for well over a year)

If anyone can help identify the yellow thing, and let me know if they are dead in the water, that'd be super great!



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