Dead Nerite?


HI All. I have a Nerite snail I think is a goner. He was stuck to the glass for about three days, not moving. Water tests were all good. I did a partial water change yesterday, and he was above the water line for a while while I changed H2O and gravel vac'd, so I moved him to another area of the tank onto some gravel near an area with lots of algae. He then crawled about two inches during the course of the afternoon. He has not moved since. Tonight I used my net to just nudge him a bit, and he flipped over, and it looks like a bit of his body is sticking out. I flipped him back over into a position where the fish could not hurt him. My tank has lots of Algae, so he should have lots of food. I throw in an algae wafer in now and then also. I have had the snail about 3 weeks, and he was really thriving until recently. I have not added any meds or anything new; just Prime when I do a water change. Any insights would be appreciated.


when a snails that has lots of food isn't moving around much, its a "good" sign, hes happy and being lazy.

but when they hang out of shell, its not always a good sign.

to be rough... but not harsh pick him up out of water, if you smell something REALLY bad, hes a goner(and I mean BAD there is no mistake) but if he goes back in shell hes still alive, I hope the best for you and your nerite.


I have a Zebra Nerite died like that.

I believe it was due to malnutrition. They were actively searching for food for days. Then this one stopped moving...probably gave up. Stayed at the same spot for a few days and only moved like one inch. Then he died. Yes, make sure he smells stink. Or he is alive.


When my mystery snail died, he was stuck to the glass as usual. I moved him down to a lower spot, and he kinda just let go, and he didn't move again. He did stink, so... yeah. make sure if your snail smells bad or not first, if not, set him back in the tank. If so, it's up to you to make the choice if you wanna give him a few more days in an isolation tank just to be absolutely sure or say he's dead.


Give the shell a little shake. Kind of like you do with a ketchup bottle to get it going.
One or two swift down ward movements. If it's dead, it'll fall out.


Snail update

Well, I checked the water tonight, and all is OK, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, less than 10ppm nitrates. PH and GH OK, temp steady. The snail did not move all day, but the part of him hanging out of his shell yesterday is now back in the shell and his trap door is closed! I lifted him out, and there is no smell, so maybe is just on vacation or something, work to rule, I don't know! Anyway, I will check again tomorrow and keep you updated.



My snail is still not moving... checked him last night and this morning and there is no smell, and he does not fall out of his shell. He still has his door closed. Water tests show all is good. I am not sure what he is up to.


Give the shell a little shake. Kind of like you do with a ketchup bottle to get it going.
One or two swift down ward movements. If it's dead, it'll fall out.

OMG... I never knew that, how gross!!! Thanks for sharing though, I'd probably rather do that than smell a dead snail! :-X


If you want to do a simple test that doesn't involve smelling a possibly dead snail, you could poke his shell (while it is closes) and if there is resistance, he is still alive, and if there is none, he is dead. That's how I always know about my mystery snails.


If the trapdoor is shut like that, then he's alive. It takes muscle exertion to close that door. My mystery snail would pout for days after I cleaned the tank or moved anything. Maybe yours is just pouting?


dead snails smell REALLY Bad!

HI All. Well, the snail is officially a goner. I checked him today after water testing, and when I lifted him up with my net out of the water, I could smell him immediately. I have to say it is a very unique smell, like a cross between wet feet and B.O. :-X I am now looking for a replacement algae cleaner, maybe another Nerite or two or some otto's. Thanks for all the info on the snail everyone.

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