Dead Nerite snail?

Rosie K

I spent the day at the LFS.. well, almost the day. The one I like is bit of a drive and the place is packed.

I came home with two nerite snails hoping they would help clean up the brown algae. I slowly acclimated them and added them to the tank. At first they were enjoying the driftwood and then one stopped moving. I waited and finally, I picked him up and it was retreated back into the shell. didn't look right. I placed him by the glass and he hasn't moved. I really think he died.

I feel bad. I have ecco complete substrate, mopanI driftwood, and my readings are 0,0,10.

What happened??


Does he smell? A dead snail smells really bad. If not, he could just be adjusting.


Yeah, don't panic or give up on him. Chances are, he's fine.

Rosie K

Both snails are on the glass - but haven't moved in 24 hours. I guess as long as they are still stuck to the glass they are alive. Hopefully they will get hungry soon - There is plenty of brown sutff for them to munch on. In the meantime, my platies pick at it.


If the platies are picking at it then it is probably not coming out of its shell because it is scared.

Rosie K

sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant the platies are picking at the algae - not the snails. This fish are not bothering the snails at all!


Oh haha! Well then they are probably still adjusting. Silly platies lol.

Rosie K

One died. woke up this morning and he is off the glass on his back - his body is very light colored and hard to the touch.

The other one is at the water line at the top of the tank and hasn't moved. I don't think it looks good for him, but I will wait and see.


Are you sure it's definitely dead? Sorry to hear it if so

Rosie K

well, I read that it is supposed to smell bad and it doesn't - so I kept him in the tank.

but, if it smells bad, doesn't that just mean that it has been dead a long time and is rotting? what will that do the water parameters?

I am at work, I will check on him when I get home and see if there has been any movement / change.

btw, I am not sure if he is 'hard to the touch ' he just looks weird.



how did you acclimate the snails? snails like all inverts need to be acclimated twice as long compared to a fish.

Plus are you dosing any ferts? if there's copper in the ferts it will kill them. low low dosage is fine but if its a rather large dose it will kill them.

Heres a video for drip acclimation

If possible you can take the snail back since you just bought it and show to them they sold you a bad snail and try to get a replacement for it.

Rosie K

thanks so much. I did a slow acclimation but maybe not slow enough? It was over an hour.
No, I am not using ferts. I do have ecco complete substrate and that is the only thing I can think of that they don't like it?


I have 2 nerite snails and I have eco complete and they seem to do fine with it. Mine do however hide out and don't move during the day and sometimes worry me but when I wake up in the morning I find an entire decoration sucked clean of algae so I know they are alive.


Good morning,

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if anything scoop a bowl of tank water out and put the snail in there and see if it moves.

Rosie K

photos - opinions?

I hate to give up, but I don't think he is alive. Hasn't moved since this morning. Here is the guy.

second pic is the one still on the glass (who hasn't moved either)

third - water parameters. all are good. the PH is high. usually 7.8, but I think it is more like 8.0


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hes a cute little bugger isn't he. LOL leave him in a tubberware and float it in ur tank unless you have a little breeder holder you can leave him in there. And make sure its covered from the light so it doesn't scare him.

He just might be really really scared. Unless those pictures arn't recent.

Rosie K

Came home from work and the one on the glass fell off and looks like the other. I am sure they are dead.

I tested the water and it is fine. I don't understand why they didn't make it?


Have you already gotten rid of them? I'm thinking you should let them stay in the cup until you know for sure, whey they start stinking. It only takes about a day after the death to know for sure. I would really hate to have to toss a couple of snails, thinking they are dead, only to find out they were really scared.

Do they have any reaction to poking their foot? If they are holding it tight and it doesn't move at all, it's most likely still alive.


well I have a lot of nerites and sometimes they fall on their back, and can't get turned over...they're not good at that. so I help them. your guy looks closed up...but kind of far some of the body has gone away.

with mine....I leave them in the tank until the shell in empty. I do not want to smell a snail! ewwww. so if one is dead, the other snails and bottom fish will eat it. then I take the shell out. just leave you have trumpet snails or anything else that would eat a dead snail?

Rosie K

Thanks for all your help. I took them out, but not until I was sure they were dead. I don't know why. They were dark and then shrunk into their shells - turning a very pale color.

I have brown algae problem in my tank. I want to try snails again, but don't want to kill them. the water tests come out normal (yes, using apI test kit). 0 ammonia, 0 Nitrites and 5 nitrates. I do water changes weekly (sometimes twice weekly).

suggestions? Should I give it a try again?


yeah I think you should try again. I mean you don't know how long they were at the pet store...or if they were healthy. going by your parameters, you're definitely fine. sometimes mine die too....for whatever reason.
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