Dead Guppy Question

  1. R

    Ricr85 New Member Member

    Today I found one of my Female Guppies lying at the bottom of the tank, behind some driftwood. I took her out but she was dead. On closer inspection I noticed that she had blood on her side (it looked like a cut), and 3/4 of her tail was missing. It looked as if it had been ripped off.

    I had 4 fish, 3 females and a male guppy. Now I have 2 and 1.

    How did the fish die?
    Why was its tail like that?
    What can I do?

  2. c

    click Well Known Member Member

    hm...weird. Think she got injured in some decor? Any sharp edges in your tank?
  3. Meenu

    Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    welcome to fishlore. I'm sorry it's under these conditions that you found this forum.

    It does sound like an injury. a good way to tell if your decor is too sharp is to take a pair of pantyhose and run your decorations across it. If it snags on the hose or rips them, it is too sharp for the fish.
  4. OP

    Ricr85 New Member Member

    Thank you for your concerns and suggestions. It is very likely that she got caught on a piece of scenery, there are rocks, pieces of wood and a hollow log in the tank. Is it because of the decorations that the tail was missing as well?

  5. harpua2002

    harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    It could be, but fish are opportunists and a dead or dying fish will be nipped to shreds by the other fish.
  6. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    welcome to fishlore!!! and im also sorry for your loss..but it definately sounds like the others were eating at her as harpua suggested :(

    do you know what your ammonia, nitrites and nitrates are? to make sure the tank isnt having water issues?
  7. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Welcome to FishLore
    I'm really sorry about your guppy.
    harpua brings up a good point.
    I see your tank is fairly new, it would be a good idea to check your ammonia and nitrites to be on the safe side.

    Best of luck.

    :;tmnt lol, Shawnie.....:anim_35:
  8. OP

    Ricr85 New Member Member

    Thanks guys, will do:)
  9. OP

    Ricr85 New Member Member

    another female died, but now i bought 6 neon tetras i hope it will stop. :(
  10. Meenu

    Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    I'm sorry your guppies didn't make it. I would suggest not buying more fish until you know why the others are dying. Were you able to check your water parameters?