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  1. brydevil666

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    Hi everyone,im hoping you can help me out here.
    When i heard that guppies are one of the most easiest fish to keep i decided to buy some and see how they went in my tank.I originally bought 4(3 males 1 female)And they all died off within two weeks.So i went and got 3 more.Two died off within a week. I checked the last one every morning.One night i noticed my guppy was writhing around and was sort of bent like he was having a fit or something and he died half and hour later.He was fine all day until that last half hour of his life.i cant understand what killed them all.Please help Me! ??? :'(
  2. Craig

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    sorry 4 ur loss! i lost 2 of my guppies out of 4 when i got them in2 my tank i think my tank hadnt fully cycled yet but the 2 that were left r doin so well there so active but u can get sum rogues in batches of fish in pet stores so u just hav 2 b careful which 1s u pick or it could b that ur water wasnt the correct pH or the ammonia level was high do 2 water changes within a few days thats what i did when i lost my 2 then just wait until u can get anymore fish 4 a week or so just in case the tank has 2 cycle again u may hav 2 wait longer until ur tank finishes cycling i hope this has helped u

    they could of just been rogues, sick b4 u got them out of the pet store but it also sounds like it could of been ur water also
  3. Miss Mouse

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    I think when they bend it means there's not enogh oxygen in the tank - well thats what happened to mine a few years ago. Do youhave an air pump nt here? And how long did you let the water cycle?
  4. fletch

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    I think it could be just a myth that theyre hardy and easy to keep. Ive put around10 guppies in my tank over time and theyve all died apart from an orange coloured one. shes been in there about 4 months and seems fine. Im going to try again now that my tank is balanced
  5. FishFan

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    I, too, have purchased many Fancy Guppies, only to have them die. I only have 1 female Fancy left and she's fine. I actually switched over to Regualr (feeder) Guppies. MUCH easier to keep. As for Brydevil666's issue, more information would be needed to correctly assess the problem.
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    There must be something about fancy guppies...I added two pairs to my tank and only one male survived. All of my other fish are just fine. Anyone who successfully keeps these little about some advice for us?
  7. Craig

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    the fancy guppies r hard 2 keep i read that sumwhere
  8. FishFan

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    I didn't, but it's true! I'm now waiting for my feeder guppies to breed. They're suppose to breed like rabbits! But-nothing yet. I really am bad at this hobby :'(
  9. fishfreak

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    My guppies did the same thing as brydevil666 they bend a start to struggle. i should let the tank fully cycle.
  10. fletch

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    Are you sure thats not just swim bladder problems? I had a red finned shark a few months ago and it started swimming on its side and squirming about. I took it to the local pet shop and the guy said that it was because I didnt dip the fish flakes under the water when I was feeding the fish. basicaly the shark was gulping in air that was getting trapped in its swim bladder. I always dip the flakes into the water now and I dont have any problems.
  11. 0morrokh

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    I'm surprised that so many people didn't have success with Guppies--I've always heard they were very hardy. I'll remember about the feeder Guppies if I ever want to get them. I'd guess the problems are due to too much inbreeding--I've heard that inbreeding has caused problems with some other types of fish, too, like Neon Tetras. brydevil666, we need a lot more information, like has your tank fully cycled?, and what are the water perameters (ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, pH) and temp.?
  12. OP

    brydevil666New MemberMember

    Well im pretty sure my tank fully cycled and the temp is about 25 degrees.Im really worried that i might have a diesese of some sort in my tank.I have 2 electric blue cichlids in my tank that i have had for about 4-5 months now(i got them young)and last night one of them started floating upside down.It looked dead.So i went to scoop it out and i noticed it was still breathing.So i left it there to see if it got better.This morning it was fine.I got home about an hour ago and it was fine.10 minutes ago i found it stone dead.I am really worried and i hope my two favourite angelfish dont die :'( :(
  13. ahastings300

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    I'm very new to the world of fish. The most I've ever owned was a Beta that lived for 6 years. I have 4 brand new Fancy Guppies--2 died the day after I got them home so I had them replaced--2 male, 2 female. I know they're going to breed, but I'm ok with that. I have a 2 1/2 gallon tank with a waterfall-under gravel filtration system. Everyone at the petstore said this would be sufficient to keep 4 guppies in.
    Anyway, one of my males flipped out all of a sudden for no reason (he'd been in the tank for about 2 days) and proceeded to "play dead." Is this normal? I picked my dog up to let him see (he's jealous) and maybe he scared the fish?? I've had my water tested and I picked the healthiest-looking fish I could find and I've been trying my hardest to make them happy. Call me crazy, but I've even began playing classical music for them! (Hey, it's working so far). I was nervous at first because it didn't look like they were eating, but reading other guppy posts, I discovered that they normally eat after the people have left. If anyone has anything to comment about, feel free. I could use some advice. ^__^
  14. Shawnie

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    sorry for the loss of everyones fish :( its not a good thing to loose them when you love them so much

    I hope anyone with isses reads this link..its sooooo important for all fish goodluck!
  15. Fishies-for-me

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    I don't know what could be the is true that guppies are not the easy going hardy fish they used to be. BUT, they are also not the delicate hard to keep kinda fish either. I have 7 adult guppies right now and I made the mistake of putting 8 in a not quite fully cycled 29 gallon tank. One died within 2 days and one looked like it was going to die..I did 30% water changes everyday for a week and It came around and is just about as good as new. I have had the tank up for about 12 weeks now and it is fully cycled Ammonia 0 nitrites 0 and nitrates about 20 is about 8 and temp is 82. I have many babies in the tank with new ones appearing all the time. 8 neon tetras , 6 albino corys and 2 amano shrimp share the tank with them. I have to respectfully disagree with whoever gave out the advise that guppies won't eat with you there as mine are like little pigs and are always begging me for food. ( or whoever else walks by the tank )and will steal the food right out of my fingers if I get them to close to the water. Not sure what advise I can give except to have good filtration..temp in high 70's to low 80's and good water parameters...hope you all have better luck and guppies are a beautiful and very charming fish with lots of personality...good luck
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  16. ninilie

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    Ive had some bad luck with keeping guppies from LFS. Its easier to buy a pregnant female and just keep her fry. The fry seem more hardy and less stressed because they are not raised in a store. But you have a very small tank so you would have to get a bigger one for what i suggested. I now have mostly fish i have raised 7 petsmart females and the the males have passed. I do have some nice males that are two months or so old and tons of females. Sorry lost my point to fish rambling.
  17. NewBKaeK

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    I have a couple guppies in my tank that are doing just fine right now.

    I had a mishap where my parents decided to add 6 guppies in there before the tank finished cycling, and now only 2 of them are left. After the tank finished cycling I added 2 more females to the tank, and they haven't showed any symptoms of stress except when being chased by the male.

    Guppies are good hardy fish to start with, but most of them will probably not survive a cycle. I believe this is because of how small they are, the smaller the fish, the more susceptible they are to bad water conditions for an extended period of time.
  18. alyssium

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    oddly, my guppies are the only ones that have survived in my tank. I have three fancy tailed.. not named as i thought they might pass... i feed them generally once a day and alternate flakes and blood worms. they are happier with the blood worms it seems. i have a filter, but no airstones/pump. i keep the temp at aroudn 80 a little higher lately as i had an ich problem (which got all the other fish *pout*)

    i was surprise, ich didn't get them, and they are all happy and healthy. that is about all the advice i can really give. i do water changes quite often (i don't have a vaccum yet, and i use my net to scoop out debris when i change the water, i have two real plants and two hiding spots...
  19. 1gamma45

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    As easy as guppies may be they still are easy to kill too.

    Do you know your tanks stats IE Ph Temp Ammo Nitrite Nitrate? Was this a new tank? Is it cycled? Did you rinse your stones and fitler b4 putting it in the tank? Were they petsmart or petco fish?

    To keep a happy guppy tank you want this.

    Ph 6.8-7.8
    Temp 70-80
    Ammo 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 10-40

    2 females for every 1 male

    The petsmart petco thing is a personal pet haha pev of mine. I have had my tanks I have 3 currently a male a female and a birth tanks all cycled. A week ago I bought 4 fish at petco against my better judgment but they were so cooll looking i had to have them. took them home put them in a container added tank water to thier bag water 1 cup at a time for 3 hrs then added them to the tank after 1 week I have 1 left alive the first 2 died within a day the 3rd 2 nites ago. Not a happy camper and I am kicking myself for not listening to myself. Atleast they have a 15 day return on all fish.

    Also if you do get the tank set up and going and you get guppies that stay alive you will quickly find that having males with females you WILL have babies. Understand they can have 10-100 in 1 drop they store enough sperm to drop every month for 5-6 months without mating. Just something to keep in mind. I started with 1 male 1 female I now have 6 males in 1 tank 2 females in another tank with 57 fry 1 month old and 20 more fry 2 weeks old in my birth tank. And the mom that droped the 57 is due any day again.

    Good luck and I hope you are able to get alot of joy out of your guppies.
  20. NewBKaeK

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    Er... Nitrate should ideally be 0 at all times. =\