Dead gsp and questions

  1. afoifa

    afoifa Member Member

    Ok, I pre ordered 2 puffers and were told they were dwarf, done lots of research before picking them up 5 days later, and found them to be gsps, and took 1.

    I had bettas tetra Cory and guppys for a year previously to selling in order to get my puffer, never deaths, check parameters every 2 week's and 25% weekly water water changes.

    They also said they never need to be in brackish....I know otherwise but can't be bothered to argue and got home ordered marine salt and a hydrometer and was going to raise the salinty 0.02 weekly as recommended.

    Anyway when I did pick him up there another dead one on the tank as well, but got him home acclimated for an hour then put him in the new tank. Heavily decorated with plants rocks wood and plenty of hiding spots.

    He seemed quiet and assumed he was just stressed from the lfs netting him and the move so kept the lights off, and checked every hour.

    Woke today to find him bashing into things like he was blind and not with it. Did a water test

    Ph 7.6
    Ammonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 10
    Temp 78

    Everything seemed fine but just incase did a 10% surface skim and 10% gravel Hoover water change just incase it was something else.

    3 hours later he was dead at the bottom.

    What did I do wrong?

    What can I do to prevent in future as I want another?

    He was an inch big in a 20g and was going to purchase a 40g in a few months to cater his adult size.

    I have a 125g I'm converting to marine but that's for a mimic tang I've also dreamed of getting.

    Sorry for the long post I'm so upset and Mr bob was so cute.

    Oh one last thing I used a container to move him to the tank as I heard it can stress but he was netted at lfs
  2. matsungit

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    I'm suspecting he was in freshwater too long. They can only survive freshwater for a few weeks and need full marine. I think he was caught in freshwater and had already been there for a week or so. When they hatch in freshwater they start to travel to the sea or else they die.
  3. OP

    afoifa Member Member

    The shop said they have had them in over 2 weeks in fresh, they are adamant that they don't need brackish....annoys me I've done tons of research and was planning on slowly moving him up to high end brackish then to low end marine.

    All 4 employees were Saying the same hence I didn't argue I was almost made out to be my fault that's why I asked on here.