Dead Fish...?

  1. FishFan Member Member

    My question is...I couldn't find a fish that had died in my tank and when I did find it, one of my Apple Snails was eating it. So, is it ok to leave dead fish in the tank for the others to eat? Or should I try to remove them? Also-the snail just left the fishes 'shell' and kinda sucked out the insides (sounds really gross, but it was neat to watch the snail eating the fish). Thanks!
  2. Miss Mouse Well Known Member Member

    Hey Fishfan,

    I know my friend lets his other fish and snails eat the dead fish. He also lets his fish eat baby snails and live "water fleas" (daphnias) so I think it is ok. Probably does them some good to have real fresh meat rather than freeze dried stuff but then if the fish has died of a disease maybe its not so good  :-\
  3. FishFan Member Member

    I think you're right ;) Thanks!