Dead Chromis

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    bryce1217 Valued Member Member

    Yesterday I went to my lfs and picked up its only percula clownfish and a diamond goby. Along with that I done some research and I came home with a condy anemone (min. tank size is 30 gallons). In my tank I have 3 green chromis, 1 percula clownfish, 3 black stripe damsels and 1 yellow tail damsel. All the damsles and chromis are leaving soon and going back to my lfs. But this morning the anemone stung my clown (nemo). I just went into the room my tank was in and seen a chromis floating around barely alive with a big blister on its tail is this blister because he was stung by the anemone? I did see 1 article on the internet where the anemone was grabbing ahold of and eating his chromis. is this common? does it happen often or did the fish just swim through it and the anemone got ahold of it? all these are in a 40 gallon tank
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    nevermind I watched the anemone eat 1 chromis so I took the anemone back