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I have a 30 gallon tank with one pleco, a half moon betta, and, now, six albino corys, one bronze and one pepper. I came home from work to find an albino lying dead in my tank. This one had been acting odd (not schooling with the others, swimming slowly) for the last week or so, and didn't seem to be growing much in the month and a half I've had it. I've been adding stress guard and using garlic guard with some of their foods thinking it might help, but seems not. The only other chemicals I use are Prime and Flourish, and I've been doing 1-2 gallon water changes daily because I'm trying to re-cycle my tank. (something happened with the bacteria a few weeks back and I'm slowly rebuilding it)

The one thing that concerns me is there was a red spot on the dead corys mouth. None of the other fish have this and everyone is acting normally. I just did a 30% water change and a good vacuum/filter swish. Is this a fungus? Should I get some melafix?

The nitrates were a little high when I did a test (1.0) but I don't know if it was due to a dead fish being in the tank? Ammonia was at 1 but I did a three gallon water change yesterday when I transplanted some Amazon sword. Everything else normal.

Pictures included! I was planning on picking up some pepper corys for my lonely single but I don't want to bring more in if I have something seriously wrong happening.



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I'm not entirely sure what caused it, I feel like the symptoms are similar to an illness but I can't remember what. I'll look into it when I get the chance. But either way, definitely get the high Ammonia and Nitrites in the tank under control. Anything higher than 0 for either of those is not good.
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