Day 7 on new setup

  1. mitchgmace Member Member

    I tested water today and ammonia is at 2. Need ideas. My son sat this up unknown to me (90 gal Tank). Threw the fish in when temp was reached. So I come home from work to find it up and running with fish. I have kept close watch and testing. should I add some ammonia remover?
  2. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    No, instead of ammonia remover I would recommend a series of large water changes. Ammonia remover will interfere with your cycle. Water changes won't and your fish will appreciate the clean water. There's an article on this site about cycling, I'd advise you to browse around and read some info. It will be really helpful! Welcome to FL! :)

  3. mitchgmace Member Member

    Thanks for info. I will read up.
  4. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    Awesome, just click on aquarium articles at the top of the page and you'll find a ton of great info! :D

  5. flyin-lowe Well Known Member Member

    If you can get a bottle of prime it will make the ammonia non-toxic to the fish however it will still be available as a food source for good bacteria. I also like it because it cost pretty close to the same as other water conditioners however one cap full will treat fifty gallon so it last longer then others I have had. Water changes plus prime will help your ammonia. It is said to keep the ammonia in check for 24 hours once you treat it.
  6. mitchgmace Member Member

    Is Prime the brand name?
  7. UMCheez Initiate Member

  8. mitchgmace Member Member

    OK day 8. I did 2 small water changes. Ammonia is at a 1.0 now. Do you think I should still get a bottle of prime today or keep doing small changes and testing?

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  9. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    ;) Cute avatar.

    You should still get some Prime and do daily water changes.
    As said above, it'll detox the ammonia for 24 hours between water changes.
    If this is day 8, you still have a ways to go before the tank is cyled.

    Several members have had luck cycling with Tetra SafeStart.
    If you can find that, you won't have to do daily water changes. I imagine thats a mess with your size tank.
    Don't be fooled by any other product that claims to cycle your tank. Most contain the wrong kind of bacteria and will set the cycle back.
    Watch out for products with similar names also.
    Tetra Start can be hard to find, but if you choose to go that route, use a plain water conditioner (no detoxifiers).
    Otherwise, it's daily water changes with Prime.

    Hang in there and good luck!
  10. mitchgmace Member Member

    Ok, I just did a small change. So I'm off to the fish store.

    Your Avatar has a cat in a tank. I suggest you not add water LOL

  11. Gouramiguy17 Well Known Member Member

    that sounds like something i would do to my mom,lol, very good advice given above, hope evrything goes well
  12. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

  13. mitchgmace Member Member

    It was just a suggestion :;dk
  14. mitchgmace Member Member

    OK got some Prime. Did another small change. So later today I will check ammonia and do another small change. I will continue to test daily is this OK?
  15. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    now that you have prime, just do a water change once a day with the prime..about 30-40% will be fine.....and no need to test for a few weeks as cycling with fish takes some time..but the prime and water changes will keep them safe...share some pics when you can!
  16. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Wait about 24 hours and test before the water change. You'll get more accurate results that way.
    What test kit are you using?

    Edit: I see Shawnie and I differ about when to test.
    Neither is right or wrong, imo, only a difference in the way we would do things. I would want to keep an eye on the ammonia and nitrites and do any extra water change if needed. :)
  17. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    with water changes and prime everyday, the fish are going to be safe no matter what the readings IMO ;) and i agree its all what we each prefer..just dont get frustrated when ammonia is still present each day..thats why i suggested not testing so you wont get frustrated...(been there a few times lol )

    if testing makes everyone feel better, by all wont hurt a thing to test :)
  18. mitchgmace Member Member

    Will do. I will keep testing although. I want the fish to live. They are so cool. I'm still a bit mad at my son setting it up and dumping fish in. :mad:
  19. mitchgmace Member Member

    Sounds good. I want to thank everyone so far for the help TY.

    API kit. It has tests for PH, Ammonia, Nitrites, and Nitrates.
    The only test that is out of sorts it Ammonia = 1.5
  20. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    According to Seachem's website, When you use Prime, you can get a false ammonia unless you wait 24 hrs to test after using Prime.
    I'm sorry I can't find the article. If I find it, I'll post a link to it.

    Edit: Found it, Here's the link:Seachem FAQs