Dastardly Diatoms Question

  1. Pirate Queen Member Member

    Hi guys,
    So I'm super excited as my tank cycled yesterday ( well, first time with 0 nitrites)
    How much of the glass can I safely clean to get rid of the dastardly diatoms?? Obviously I don't want to upset the cycle, I'm cleaning my plants every 2-3 days but the glass is driving me crazy.
    Thank you in advance.
  2. Sagar Joshi Member Member

    Cleaning diatoms won’t upset your cycle. You can clean you glass completely.

  3. Pirate Queen Member Member

    Woohoo, thank you, just wanted to double-check as there are some who say don't and some say go ahead!!
  4. Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    Congrats on getting your cycle going. New tank syndrome (Diatom algae) sucks. Agree with above. Clean the whole thing. You will have to keep repeating this process, but eventually it will stop coming back.

  5. Sagar Joshi Member Member

    Yes. It will keep on coming until the silicates in the water disappear. Generally new substrate will leach silicates.
  6. Pirate Queen Member Member

    It sure does suck Dave!! Thank you, it only took 2 weeks so I'm dancing the happy dance :)
  7. Pirate Queen Member Member

    Yeah I read that, I don't mind regularly cleaning it as its my "tv" ( in other words I don't have a tv and the tank is on the table where I sit all the time and stare at it all day so you can imagine how keen I am to keep them to a minimum:)