darn ammonia!

  1. jallshouse Initiate Member

    i am still having trouble with my ammonia i have been doing 30% water changes everyday for over a week and i cant get it below 2.0. my nitrites are at .25 and nitrates are 5.0 so basicailly nothing has changed. i know i am still cycling but shouldnt i see a drop in ammonia with the water changes?
  2. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    It sounds like your cycle is stalling for some reason. I would suggest you use amquel plus as your water conditioner when you do water changes until your ammonia drops. I may have already asked you this, so please humor me if I have, but is your ammonia test a yellow to orange or yellow to green test?

  3. jallshouse Initiate Member

    thanks gunnie....yes i am using the aquarium pharmaceuticals freshwater master test kit. any ideas on why i am stalling? i know i asked this before but its your turn to humor me haha :p should i be vaccuming the gravel? i have done it twice, and not sure if i should? i have read that i should do it everytime and also only about every six months
  4. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    I was thinking your cycle was stalling because you were vacuuming the gravel when you did water changes. A lot of your bacteria will be in that gravel. I don't think vacuuming only twice would have been a problem, but don't do any more until the cycle is done. Once you have enough bacteria in your filter media, gravel vacs will not be a problem, and you definately will want to vacuum at least a fourth of the gravel each time you do maintenance on the tank. ;)

  5. jallshouse Initiate Member

    the second gravel vaccuum was actuailly just me going over the top to get up some of the old food lying on the surface. i still have all the original filter media which i havent touched at all. im i throwing any clues to whats wrong lol? i am going to order some amquel tonight from petsmart, my local store dosent carry it as far as i know. one more question along with the above....does the amquel take place of the aquasafe i am using?
  6. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Yes, the amquel can be used as a dechlor. ;)