Dalmation molly


I'm new to having pregnant fish but I think my dalmation molly is bout to give birth she is being aggressive towards other fish and it looks like a boldge by her gills


Hello. Usually around 45 days after they got pregnant, the fry arrive. I know I am late to see this but if your molly hasn't given birth yet, here are some signs they are about to give birth.
  • Your molly fish tries to find a place to hide and give birth
  • The molly looses appetite to prepare for birth
  • You can see the eyes of the fry through her stomach
Fish usually eat the new fry once they arrive so prepare for that. If you haven't yet, add some small hideouts for the fry to hide in when they arrive. Once they arrive, separate the fry from the big fish so they don't eat them. Mollies give birth from 40 to 100 fry and they can have multiple pregnancies even without the male. Don't feed the fry for the next 24 hours after arrival. When you start to feed them, give them a little bit at a time. Feed them 3-5 times a day. They may want some places to hide. You can release them into the tank with the other fish after 2 weeks or when you think they are big enough. Watch out for the filter in the tank, though. Look at the filter and see if it may take the fry up. Make sure you aren't overfeeding them. Anyway, that is all I know. Hope this helped! If your molly already gave birth or is going to give birth be prepared. Good luck!

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