Dalmatian Molly Struggling

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by PatientStars, Apr 22, 2018.

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    I posted several weeks ago about my male dalmatian molly having a weird issue with his eye, which turned out to be pop eye. He had recently been treated for velvet, and showed the signs of pop eye about a week after being reintroduced to the main tank. I removed him immediately, treated with Maracyn II for the required 5 days, QT'd him for a week and then put him back in the main tank again when he was back to normal and looking happy as a clam.

    Three days later, his eye started to get puffy again. Back to QT he went, which is where he is now. After another few days of treatment, the pop eye has cleared up, and he has no visible signs of illness that I can see.

    However, he seems to have a lot of difficulty swimming, and mostly either lays on the bottom or tries to swim but ends up in a "vertical" position. His tail ends almost looks like it barely moves, and he sometimes gets enough momentum (especially above the air stone) to swim normally, but otherwise ends up staring straight up with his tail pointing down.

    He is still eating. He's in a 10 gal, heated, with an air stone and filter. Unfortunately I didn't have it running long before he needed it as a hospital tank, so I know it's not fully cycled. I've been doing a 40% wc daily.

    What is causing him to swim that way? Is there anything else I can treat him with or do to help him?
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    He made of had some damage done to his swim bladder. It's not all too common that you will have a bacterial infection of the swim bladder in your fish. After this, often times you will have secondary infections such as pop eye, or dropsy which resulted from the initial infection. their isn't much you can do about this since it is permanent damage. You could possibly create a float for your fish, or if you think he is really struggeling, you could euthanize using clove oil.
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    Aw, I was hoping this was something that could be cured. I'd hate to euthanize him, he seems so good otherwise.

    How does go about making a float for a fish? Or more importantly, getting the fish into it?
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    their are some videos out there with floats on fish. I recommend checking those out.