Dalmatian Molly rescue mission


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Hi there,

So the story is a little short on information but it begins here;

My best friend has been owning (and taking great care of) fish and shrimp for years now. Just this week she had to use some anti-flee stuff around her home and, even though she was extremely careful around the tank, all of her shrimp sadly died. There was one fish (that had been alone for a while since she was focussing on the shrimp) still swimmin' so we got it out and cleaned the entire tank, bought new ground stuff and plants and put the sole survivor back in the tank - glad to report he's been thriving.

Today we went to the pet store to buy that patient-zero some friends so he wouldn't be alone anymore. We got him 3 of his own kind and a bunch of others. I got to pick some so I got 4 mollies - 2 black and 2 Dalmatian. One of the Dalmatian once I picked was from the bottom of the tank in the store. My limited fish knowledge said: K, probably a depressed fishy, let's bring it home and make it happy. He was the only one that stayed at the bottom.

We got home and after acclimating them properly put all of the fish in the tank. They're all swimming around happy and exploring they're new home - except for my bottom-baby.

I noticed when we got them out of the baggies that all of them just kinda swam out but emo-fish (his name is Sven) kinda stuck to the bag and didn't wanna get out. Once he was in the tank he immediately sank to the bottom and stayed there. Just gasping for air and sometimes flapping his vins.

My friend was worried that he'd probably be sick and if so, that he could infect the others, so we got him out and I brought him home with me. After some research online he is now in a relatively small container (fase) with water filled halfway so he can strengthen up. When we got him out he didn't budge and even twirled onto his side when the water flowed around from the net. Kinda like he's already half dead.

I know I can just go back to the pet store (probably gonna anyway) and tell them this to get another one, but I'd love to keep Sven swimming and nurse him back to health. I live in a country with super clean and filtered tab water so the levels should be fine and I kinda have no way to measure.

Any tips on how to make Sven a happy fish? Or is it just a wait and see kinda thing that was doomed from the start?

Attached are two pictures of Sven in the wineglass he was in before I was able to put him in the fase. Besides the being totally lifeless he looks fine to me!


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