Daily Water Changes

  1. RosaGarden Initiate Member

    I have my betta in a 5 gallon tank right now. I'm trying get rid of a difficult case of fin rot. (Several different courses of treatment have failed, though he still has a lot of fin and is super peppy.) However, once he is definitely better (Really hoping he gets better!!), I would like to cycle the tank and add plants, etc., but I don't want to put him through the cycling. I am thinking of putting him back in his half gallon tank and doing daily 100 percent water changes. But that also adds the stress of being put in a cup and having to stay there to acclimate every day. I want him to have zero ammonia, nitrites and nitrates while I am cycling the 5 gallon tank and preparing to put him back in it.

    (Yeah... I know I should have had a tank ready when I got him, but I stupidly thought weekly water changes in his half gallon would be enough. Then the fin rot I'm suspecting he already had when I got him got worse. But NOW I am fighting really hard for him.)
  2. RosaGarden Initiate Member

    Haha, I forgot to post the qustion. The question is whether this is stupid thinking or good thinking or something in between and why.
  3. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    The thinking is not dumb. Is interesting, specially for a beginner (since the tank isnt cycled I guess you are just starting out in the hobby). This is 2017 so there are ways to do fish in cycles and not put the betta trough the stress of bad water quality.
    A lot of people use Seachem Prime and Seachem stability to do fish in cycles, I would look into that. If Seachem Prime and Stability didnt exist then I would actually do something similar to your plan but instead of putting the betta in half gallon tank I would look for a bigger holding container at walmart. They are very cheap.
  4. RosaGarden Initiate Member

    Thanks for the feedback! I have Prime but not Stability. One thing that really complicates the situation is that I have to be out of town for a week in early to mid August. How reliable do you think Stability is? If I am not there to deal with an emergency, are things likely to go south. Also, if I'm away he will need to be fed. Do those tablets that release nutrients affect water quality even though they claim not to? I also doubt I can have any plants in there by then since I'm pretty broke and was planning to collect wild ones and quarantine them.
  5. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    Hornwort and duckweed are easy and dirt cheap. I got duckweed for free in fact. Some of it came with a fish bag.
    It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. I would try out Stability and Prime combo. If you are only for a week you don't need to feed, the fish will be fine.
    I would never get those little tablets that stick to the glass to keep the fish fed, they can easily cause water quality problems.

    Really the only issue you have is not being cycled. Once you are cycled you don't have to worry about anything while you are on vacation.
  6. RosaGarden Initiate Member

    I am a little worried by duckweed because it multiplies so fast and I don't want it blocking the lights, but I guess I could skim the top every day if I really needed to. Could be a good temporary solution at any rate. :) I also have a lead on where to find good wild plants, but haven't wanted to get them before I'm sure how I want to quarentine them.