Da Heck Is In My Fish Tank?

  1. EmmyFish Member Member

    I just did a water change a couple hours ago and found some new fry. I also put the mother's in because I suspect they will give birth soon. I went to go scoop poop outta the nursery tank and I found some weird little green bubble thing. It came out of no where. Did it come from the fish?
    I scooped it out with a net and I am unsure of what the hey it is.
    They are Guppies if you wondering.

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  2. bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    That's odd. The pic is quite blurry. Can you get a clearer shot? That doesn't look like it came from the fish...
  3. EmmyFish Member Member

    I tried to get a better pic but my phone and the tank glass weren't having it. I scooped it up with the net and rinsed the net off really good. It appeared to be solid because I used the net and pushed it against the nursery tank wall. If anything it looked a bit "jelly" like. At the top of the green ball on the inside it looked to have tiny bubbles but other than that it was empty. :confused:
  4. Kysarkel000 Well Known Member Member

    Did it look like this? I saw these weird things at the pet store and am gonna post a thread asking if anyone knows what it is.
  5. EmmyFish Member Member

    No it was a clear ball with a green tint. Those might be Betta Pellets.
  6. Kysarkel000 Well Known Member Member

    Maybe, it's possible! Maybe yours is a defective rejected fish egg? Or a fry still in its egg sac? I had a pair of guppies that had babies and a few were stuck in a ball for a few hours. They broke out that though
  7. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    That is an egg that didn't get fertilized along with the rest. It is super rare. I have kept livebearers for almost 10 years and this only happened once. It was also the only time I caught a birth on video. :(
  8. EmmyFish Member Member

    Guppies have live babies and don't lay eggs, let alone not something so big.

    out of a live baring fish? o_O
  9. Kysarkel000 Well Known Member Member

    Told you so lol XD even though they're live bearing, they still have eggs. And just like every other animal (almost), if an egg isint fertilized, it's expelled from the body (aka period)
  10. EmmyFish Member Member

    that seems way too big to have come out of the fish. I mean she's big but she aint that big. That is the weirdest thing I've ever heard of.
  11. DylanM Member Member

    Most animal organisms reproduce using eggs, even animals that give birth. Maybe for some reason this one was released during the birthing process along with the live young?
  12. EmmyFish Member Member

    Well I know they have eggs but DANNNGGG! She hasn't had any fry though. That came out of no where. The babies are from another fish.
  13. DylanM Member Member

    This is really puzzling, is there any chance this fish is infertile? Maybe this is why it came out looking like a big egg and not a fish?
  14. EmmyFish Member Member

    Lemme take a picture of her for you!
  15. DylanM Member Member

    Okay XD I don't think I will be able to see if the fish is infertile or not by looking at a photo though. XD
  16. EmmyFish Member Member

    I know that silly but she looked very pregnant still.

    The one on the left is the one that the green egg thingy was under. She doesn't seem to be in full labor. I'll find out soon enough if she's infertile I guess! Kind sad cuz she's really pretty. Her tail is awesome.

    Dylan this is so sad!!! she dropped another one! :eek: My poor baby can't have babies!

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  17. MissRuthless Well Known Member Member

    I used to put my platies in a clear breeder box to drop and sometimes one would drop a few unfertilized eggs with the fry, and occasionally one that was half egg, half deformed fry. Seemed to happen more with younger females. I wouldn't be too concerned with infertility... I've never heard of an infertile livebearer. Kinda wish it were a thing.
  18. DylanM Member Member

    She may not be infertile, but rather stressed out for some reason. Apparently, after a quick google search, guppies will discharge yellow eggs (are you SURE they are green?) when being too stressed out during a pregnancy.

    Edit: apparently they can be fairly large, I am now pretty sure this is what this is. If the eggs you see are a light green, they are probably the yellow ones so many others talk about.
  19. EmmyFish Member Member

    They could be yellow? I need new glasses! Maybe a fish flake will help her? :dead:Can you bribe a fish with food?
  20. DylanM Member Member

    I don't think you can bribe a fish to just will themselves to not be stressed out. XD You CAN however bribe a fish to not bite your hand whenever you reach in the tank to change the aqua-scape, which is what i have been recently doing with my zebra danios.