D501 Custom Co2 - Not Keeping Pressure


HI Everyone,

I purchased the D501 custom co2 kir, the first few weeks worked fine however when I come to re-fill the bottles and set everything up, it initally works i.e build pressure and works over several hours but the pressure doesn't continue to build ot stay maintained.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? I have changed all the tubing in case of leaks.

Zigi Zig

I was experience the same issues regardless I used citric acid and baking soda or yeast with sugar I couldn't never maintained steady pressure specially during re-fill sometimes I woke up during night and pressure was build up all way to red mark and bottles were feel like about to blow up.. I simply give up on custom Co2 plus I have use it on multiple fish tank and I couldn't never turn my co2 checker to green..
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Id try a new mixture

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