10 Gallon Tank Cycling with "used" gravel?

I'm currently cycling my 10 gal tank, I've stuck in the filter, (Tetra Internal Whisper Power Filter 2-10gal) last night and I'm trying to do a fishless cycle. Is it possible to cycle a new tank with gravel from a cycled tank? Or do I need to add in something else? Also may I add that the gravel has fish doodoo in it too.

I've also tested my tap water and it's Alkalinity is high, around 300ppm. It's pH is also very high at 8.5. Does having high Alkalinity make it harder to change the pH? If so, how can I lower the pH?

Advise will be great.
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One of my favorite ways to cycle a tank is by using something like gravel, used filter media and decorations from an established tank. You won't really want the left over poo....
You can take a couple of handfuls, put it in clean never seen soap panty hose, hang it or set it in the tank.
Don't forget the bacteria on the gravel will need some sort of ammonia to feed off of or it will die off.
You can use fish food, pure ammonia or a fish. The amount of ammonia 1 or 2 small fish will produce should be processed right away with the bacteia on the established gravel.
Just in case, keep an eye on your water parameters.

As far as the pH, most times fish can adapt as long as they're acclimated slowly. A stable pH is better than a fluctuation one.
Here's some info about Changing you pH
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Thanks Lucy. I think I will try the fish food method and see how that works out. As for the pH, I think I will keep my pH level then. I really don't want to stress my fish.

Thanks for the welcome bolivianbaby.
Welcome to Fish Lore Alisha. Some great information above. Congrats on going the "fishless" cycle route. Keep us posted on your progress
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