Cycling with HiFin White Tetra's

Discussion in 'Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle' started by dahly, Sep 13, 2005.

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    I am eight days into cycling my 29 gallon tank with three HiFin White Tetra's, which I've grown quite fond of watching.  I can't wait, but will, for my tank to cycle so that I can add more fish.  I plan to add three HiFin Black Tetra's, which will presumably school with the three I have.  I will add Panda Cory's next, then Cardinal tetra's and Blue tetra's over time.  There were some red/marbled Angel's that were recommended too; albeit pricey, that again, over time I'd like to add too.  It's been over many since I last had any fish.  Actually, they were my older brothers that I'd take care of, when he was out.  I am really excited about getting into this hobby!  Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.
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    Are you testing your water? If so What is your ammonia,nitrite, and nitrate? When they are at 0 this is how you know your cycle is over. If you have live plants your nitrates can be 2oppm. I like your combination of fish. The neons and pandas are a little more sensitive than the others so I would leave them to last. Make sure the neons are a good size because the angels will eat them if they will fit in the angels mouths. I have 2 kinds of neons and angels together and they look really good, but I added the neons first and bought grown ones, then added the angels. Since you've had some experience with fish you know to take your time. just my thoughts :D And by the way welcome!!!!!!
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    "Aquarium Adventures" is nearby and I have my water tested there. I am through the ammonia stage and started phase two yesterday. The fish aren’t currently stressed. There was some ich, but I raised the tank temp and it has cleared; back to 78 degrees now. I will go slow and take into consideration your experienced recommendations. Thanks for your insight.
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