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  1. Letsfish Well Known Member Member

    I started cycling a 55g 2 days ago.I used the method in the Aquarium Nitrogen thread on cycling with a bacteria supplement and also used the Ammonia calculator for the ammonia dosage. On day 1 I followed the instruction on the Stability bottle and added 30mls along with 3mls of 10% ammonia.Day #2 I checked he chemistry and there was no trace Ammonia,Nitrite or Nitrates so I added 6mls of ammonia and 15mls of stability.Today I am coming blank again but my KN is running a little high somewhere around 125 and the GH is about 107.Later on I will dose and to try to find some ammonia. Should not I expect to see something by now or where am I going wrong?

  2. AngelTheGypsy Fishlore VIP Member

    You should see an ammonia reading. Be sure of the percentage of ammonia in your ammonia. The bottle I found was not 10%. I had to google the brand and find the data sheet. It said .5-2.5%. I have austins clear ammonia.
    The high kH and gh shouldn't affect your cycle; a low reading would/might. Have you tested your pH? Do you have a heater running? What brand ammonia do you have?

  3. Letsfish Well Known Member Member

    The PH is 7.6 and the ammonia is Ace hardware`s 10% janitorial strength. I shook the bottle up and there is no foam .It almost smells like reagent grade,pretty strong.The heater is running at 84*

  4. AngelTheGypsy Fishlore VIP Member

    well you should definitely be seeing ammonia then. are you using the liquid API test kit? Make sure its not expired too.

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  6. MaddieTaylah Well Known Member Member

    I would dose a larger amount of ammonia if you aren't seeing anything yet.
  7. stella1979 Moderator Moderator Member

    Hi, I'm currently cycling a 20gL. I was going with Stability and Ammonia as well, but for some reason, I got stuck in the ammonia phase. I decided to switch from Stability to TSS+ a week ago and I am currently converting ammonia to nitrite in less that 24 hours :D I got some great advice on another thread that you might find useful.

    Fishless Cycling 20gl
  8. Letsfish Well Known Member Member

    I`m going to add 4 more ml`s To see if I can at least get some color in the test tube.
  9. AngelTheGypsy Fishlore VIP Member

    You could add some 1 ml at a time and see how much it takes to get there. That might be a lot of testing though...
  10. Letsfish Well Known Member Member

    I just looked at my log and I have added 25 ml of ammonia in thee days and the solution still isn`t yellow.I have been adding them @4mls .
  11. stella1979 Moderator Moderator Member

    This seems so strange. I googled a bit about ammonia and didn't find much except that there is a chance that it could have evaporated if exposed to air for long periods, leaving behind water and possibly other toxins. I'm certainly no expert but if I were in your position I would get a different ammonia, do a 90% water change, then start dosing with the new stuff. I found pure ammonia at the dollar store.
  12. Letsfish Well Known Member Member

    The one thing that could be happening is the filter is new along with the media so it could be trapping everything doing through it but that is just a guess.
  13. AngelTheGypsy Fishlore VIP Member

    Back to basics just to check...

    Are you using both ammonia test bottles?

    If it's showing ammonia it should turn green, it's yellow if there's no ammonia.
  14. Letsfish Well Known Member Member

    I just retested with the other bottle with the same result.As soon as I open the ammonia bottle you know what is it,it will open your sinus.

    Another thing,when I first started adding water and I got about 3" in I added my plants.I wonder if they have anything to do with this?
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  15. AngelTheGypsy Fishlore VIP Member

    So are you using one or two bottles of ammonia test when you test...?

    Just to be clear....(really not trying to be a pain but if this is easy to fix...)

    When you test for ammonia you should add 8 drops of bottle 1, and 8 drops of bottle 2, shake vigorously for 5 seconds, then wait 5 minutes to read the results. Is this the procedure you are following?
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  16. Letsfish Well Known Member Member

    All of my tests have been with bottle #1 except for the last one which was bottle #2.
  17. AngelTheGypsy Fishlore VIP Member

    Ok. Follow the testing directions I just gave you and I guarantee it's going to be 8 ppm. If you only use one bottle it never changes color.

    You are going to have to do a 100% WC.
  18. Letsfish Well Known Member Member

    It looks like I`m the pain I should learn to read direction better.I`m at least 8 ppm I guess I`m in for a big water change.Thanks for straightening me out
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  19. AngelTheGypsy Fishlore VIP Member

    Really I'm glad it was an "easy" fix. After the water change, test your water for ammonia. If it's still above 1 ppm do another one.
  20. Letsfish Well Known Member Member

    Thanks ! so I guess I do the same with the nitrates also 1&2.