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    I have beeb reading a lot about tanks but i really didnt understand whats cycling the tank and let bacterias grow in the tank.

    I change 25% of the water every weekend, i clean the bottom of the tank with a vacum monthly, and i clean the filter monthly too, am i doing it right, or should i change the periodicity? ???

    Thaks a lot for your collaboration


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    We need tank facts. Size of tank, kinds of fish and in what number. And what is the chemistry like, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates. 25% weekly is ok. I do a 30-35% weekly water change on my 29, and 25-30% on my 20. I gravel vac everytime I do a water change. I clean/rinse the filters in tank water mid week, every week too. If your water chemistry is good with what your doing fine, but I believe "Freshwater Fish like Fresh water." ;)
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    And about the cycle thing, here's an article on it
    so basically the nitrogen cycle is: your fish produce wastes, Ammonia (its highly poisonous to your fish), that are broken down by a bacteria into Nitrites (note the I) which are not as poisonous but still toxic, which are then broken down by another type of bacteria into Nitrates (note the A) which are not poisonous in small amounts but can kill your fish if they build up to high levels. Water changes and gravel vac'ing gets rid of the nitrates.