cycling tank?

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    i know this sounds stupid but wat does everybody mean by cycling ther tank b/c i never did that for my tanks and ther fine i mean iv heard of leting every thing run for a day but not cycling does it mean to let ur tank run withouth the fish and take tests of it or what ???
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    And once the amoninia and nitrite levels are 0 and you have nitrates only, it's cycled and safer for your fish.
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    You can cycle with a few hardy fish; I used White skirt Tetra's. You can buy Bio Spira and add it and your whole allotment of fish the same day. You can use the "fishless" cycle too. Read this link for more info:

    Cycling by adding fish and standing back to watch, usually will kill some, if not all, of your fish.

    Look at previous posts too! They are chock-a-block full of info you'll need to be successful. Enjoy!