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Hey Fishlore Gang.

I plan on starting my tank a little earlier than I expected to, I'm probably going to start the cycling process this weekend.

I was wondering, is it okay to put plants in a tank that is just beginning its cycling process? I thought I read somewhere before that they can actually help with the process and speed it up.

Thanks all.


I'm not too sure about speeding up the cycling, but the plants should be safe being in a cycling tank. If anything, I think plants tend to benefit from the ammonia and nitrite being produced. I'm sure someone else with more info will comment further though...


HI Alcmiller,

I recently finished cycling two tanks, and moderately planted them about halfway through on the advice of Nutter.

I found that they did help with the cycle - it was finished (fish IN!) in two weeks. My ammonia levels were up above 8ppm, and then nitrite got up to 1ppm in both tanks. The plants love feeding off ammonia as their preferred source of food. They consume nitrites when no ammonia is available, and are content with nitrates when neither ammonia or nitrites are available.
So that's why I think they helped me!


Yes, go ahead and add the plant good luck


Good advice above. Plants are always good, no matter when you want to add them. Here's a couple of links about cycling planted tanks that you may find interesting:
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Hey thanks so much guys, I really appreciate all the help =)


Hey thanks for the info, someone already asked this question for me! lol
I have some java moss on the way off ebay to put in my 10 gallon tank that just finished the ammonia phase of the nitrogen cycle.

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