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    So when I moved out of my Mom's house I downgraded to a 35 gallon tank and left my 50 gallon empty there. I recently moved back and decided to go back to my 50 gallon tank. I have two figure 8 puffers in a brackish tank. I set up the 50 gallon and used the previous filter (the one on the 50 gallon tank) and my driftwood from my 35 gallon tank. My fish are currently being cared for by my father (long story) and I know he wants me to get them soon. However, I'm afraid I haven't cycled it enough! It's been about 4 days all set up! Will they be ok if I just put as much water from their previous tank into my new one?! I really don't want Petri and Polly to go to fishie heaven. Thanks!
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    Did your filter ever dry out or did you move it from one tank to the other pretty quickly? If it never dried out, you should still have the original colony of BB, and I believe you should have no problems. Adding the old tank water won't contribute much, as only a miniscule amount of BB live in the water column (maybe less than 5%).
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    I did let the filter dry out. Even so, do you think they will be ok to move? I talked him into letting me cycle it for a total of 7 days. I have two pieces of drift wood and rock in there and I put snails and ghost shrimp in it and have been putting fish food in to help feed the colonies. You think my puffers will be ok?

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    If you absolutely have to finish the cycle with fish in, just stay on top of the water changes and monitor your parameters. If a fishless cycle cannot be done, there isn't much else to do. You could consider using one of the bacteria colonies in a bottle to help jump start it, but be sure to read the directions about water changes. It's difficult to guarantee the health of any fish in a tank change, so time will tell.

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