cycling tank without used media

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    Question about cycling a tank for the first time. All of the instructions/information that I see about cycling recommend adding used media when cycling a new tank. What if you don't have access to any used media to add to the tank? How does this affect the cycling process?
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    If you are fortunate enough to acquire seeded filter media (already cycled filter media), then you have essentially eliminated the majority of time necessary to cycle the tank.

    For example, if I'm going to set up a new tank, I would hang the new filter on an existing tank for 3-4 weeks. Then I set up the new tank, take that new filter and hang it on the new tank, and voila, instant cycle.

    If I am unable to acquire seeded media, then I choose to cycle using ammonia, or a piece of dead shrimp and it takes roughly 4-6 weeks to cycle.
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    Using seeded media allows you to skip the cycling process, so if you don't have any you will have to go through it. Cycling without fish is by far easier than cycling with fish, and is a better way to do it. There is a lot of info on the site about it - after you read up, ask any questions you have.
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    Got it. Thanks!

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