Cycling tank possible swim bladder issue?


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I set up a 10 gallon quarantine tank a few weeks ago. Well im going to use it as a QT but had to quickly set up a tank to accommodate fish that were unexpectedly acquired. Long story short somebody really wanted fish even though i didnt have a tank suitable so i set up a 10 gallon quickly. So now i have a lyretail molly and panda cory in the tank. When i started the tank i put in established media from a different tank as well as Fluval beneficial bacteria to start it as soon as i could. However the tank has been going through the cycle for about 2 weeks now. The ammonia has never surpassed .5 ppm. Ive been consistent with water changes etc and its been around or less than .25 for about a week straight. Theres no nitrites yet and have only had 5ppm of nitrates since the start. I add seachem prime to keep the little ammonia in the tank safer for the fish. But today i noticed my molly swimming weird. She swims face down and flips over. I assume its a swim bladder issue. When i went to bed last night she was fine and had no symptoms and when i woke up she did. She's sometimes able to fight it and swim somewhat normal. I was thinking about adding aquarium salt but because of the cory cat im sceptical. What should i use to cure it? Any ideas or recommendations? Thanks :)

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