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    Good afternoon,

    I have a concern about the 5-gallon tank I am attempting to cycle. The tank is meant for my two African dwarf frogs currently residing in the smaller quarantine tank.
    The 5-gallon has gravel, a log, a small Amazon sword, it is stocked with a heater that keeps the temperature at about 83-85 degrees F and a Tom submersible mini-filter. For the first three days, I have added Nutrafin Cycle in the amounts described on the box. No other seeding materials were available to me. I have had it set up thus for almost a month (it will be exactly a month in three days). I got the Ammonia up to 4-5 ppm and it is staying there. The PH is at 7.2, and I have not seen any nitrites.
    My question is: how long is this supposed to take? I am on the verge of losing all patience and beginning to worry that I am doing something wrong and the nitrites will never show.
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    Did u feed the bacteria after u added them? With what? Nit sure if pure ammonia works well using bottled bacteria........its a question ive seen hatted around here without a definative answer
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    QQQUUUUAADDD - not sure how that's relevant in terms of my inquiry, but it is not. I change out 60% of the water in the quarantine tank daily and my frogs are okay in it.

    featherblue - I did add the ammonia a few times to raise the level back up to 4ppm as advised on several sites dedicated to fishless cycling. Should I have done anything else? Thrown some fish food in there?
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    Most bacteria in a bottle supplements are sketchy at best. Nutrafin, last time I tested, didn't do much of anything. There are a few brands that seem to be more reliable, but generally speaking I wouldn't count on it helping all that much.

    Cycling can take 4-6 weeks or longer. If you densely plant the tank it can help speed things along somewhat.

    Why didn't you just do a fish-in cycle if the frogs are the only stock?
  6. irozeValued MemberMember

    The short answer is that I didn't want to kill anything...
    I've actually set up the tank with another, bigger plant in the beginning, but it began to yellow and wither, so I took it out per advice. It's strange - both were Amazon swords, one is doing splendidly and the other is waiting in a separate container for the cycle to finish.
    If the bacteria in a bottle didn't help any, that's all right, correct? The actual bacteria I want will deposit itself into the tank from the air around it. So I need to wait another two weeks and hopefully I'll see some results.
    I might be back here in two weeks, having pulled the rest of my hair out :)
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    I was going to say that if you had a mature filter on the QT tank, you could just move it over to the main tank.

    If you're doing daily water changes now, why not just move the frogs over to the main tank and cycle from there?
  8. irozeValued MemberMember

    Oh, no, I wish that were the case. I don't have any seeded media, unfortunately.
    Move the frogs - as in, stop the cycle, clean out and start over? I've tried that. Could never get ammonia down past 1ppm. I want to create a clean environment for the little guys where they don't have to swim in yuck.
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    If ur willing to invest again I had great luck with tetra safe start. I did it fishless, but fed the ammonia into the cycle thru food decomposing. I put a 1/4 a cube of frozen shrimp, the ones I planned to feed the frogs, in a nylon by the filter dump. Waited 2 days, added safe start. Added another 1/4 a cube every othervday. Got 0-0-15 results in about! 10 days. Did have a cup of gravel innnylon from s cycled tank.
  10. irozeValued MemberMember

    I thought the ammonia level was to be kept up so as to feed the bacteria... So aside from that, I need to add some food in there to decompose?
    Will try it I suppose. Thank you.
  11. jetajockeyFishlore VIPMember

    I just figured it'd be easier to just put them in the 5g since you already have them in a smaller QT which is harder to maintain.

    Otherwise just stick it out and be patient, it can take well over 4 weeks to start seeing something.
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    I chose food decompose for feeding bottled BB hopeing to simulate what I intended them to eat as much as possible. The questionnasked innother threads was if the bottled bacteria could process thebpure ammonia. Seems sound inntheory, but the results tended to be like yours. The only conclusion we came to was the liquid was easy to over dose growing colony, which cannkill it. I went feedable amount of food hoping to grow a colony geared to process the load id be putting on it. I had 0.5-0-0 results ahem I added the bottled bb, it never raised above that. Nitrite got CRAZY for a few days then everything was spot on round day 10, total of a cube of frozen mysis shrimp in pieces.
  13. irozeValued MemberMember

    jetajockey, oh boy. I guess I'm going to wait! Thanks!

    featherblue, I have just thrown a bit of shredded salmon in there, we'll see how that speeds up the process. Thank you.
  14. ghardinValued MemberMember

    I used Nutrafin cycle in my 29 gallon along with some generous pinches of fish food and I'm all cycled! 3 days! (But I had substrate, filter media, and water from old cycled 10 gallon)
  15. irozeValued MemberMember

    Oh god, I've still got nothing. No nitrites at all *cries*
  16. soarlValued MemberMember

    it took me 6.5 weeks to cycle my tank. Everything seemed to happen for me in my last two weeks. I do think I stalled it with to high a level of ammonia for maybe 3 or so days. I didn't use anything to speed up the cycle. Just let it take it's course naturally. I certainly haven't heard anything good about any BB in a bottle other than TSS. It sounds like your on the right track. It is definitely a test of patience.
  17. irozeValued MemberMember

    Thanks so much. I'm trying to stay positive!
  18. soarlValued MemberMember

    I totally understand! I was on here asking new questions every other day at least during mine. It's frustrating and so slow and so hard to wait because your excited about getting it finished so you can drop some life into it. Well at least that's how it was for me.
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    Don't know your local fish stores, but i have gone in there and bought a sponge filter that they had in a tank to save one of my tanks. I was cycling like an idiot with fish though and it was not going well. Most people think its mean and it is but you can always get some danios for a buck and do a fish in cycle. Doing the necessary water changes in a 5 gallon tank is much more manageable than say a 50 gallon tank. Then when you are done if you got them from a LFS they will probably take the fish back and you can add your frogs. Be prepared for people to be mad at you for doing the fish in cycle though.
  20. scarlett4410Valued MemberMember

    I agree Tetras the best brand. You can get them for your LFS ( some anyway ) but they might have diseases on them so its not recommended. Do you have a friend who has an aquarium?You could ask them to put some filter media in their filter , then after 2-3 weeks add it to your aquarium and it should help the cycle dramatically.