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I'm sure this is a super dumb newbie question. I had to do a hard reset on two of my old tanks. I kept new ceramic rings in a fully cycled 20 gallon tank for nearly a month before doing the hard reset.

1. One tank I redid is a 5 gallon with a single female betta. The water readings have been between .25 ppm and .50 ppm for ammonia for about a week with 5.0ppm nitrate. Suddenly today I have .50 ppm ammonia and .25 ppm nitrite as well as 5.0ppm nitrate??? Is it normal for there to suddenly be nitrite after a week? Is this a good sign that it's almost cycled? Or a bad sign that it's restarting the process?? I want the tank for a few cherry shrimp and my betta is going in a 10 gallon tank as soon as its safe to put the shrimp in the 5 gallon.

2. I also had ceramic rings and a sponge in the 20 gallon cycled tank to move to my 55 gallon tank when I redid it. I have it all set up and moved the media to the new tank and my readings are at .50ppm ammonia with absolutely nothing else??? It's only been 4 days since I redid it but the readings of ammonia only have me scared for my fish! I have a really big angelfish that's super important to me and I don't want have him die on me. Any suggestions on what I should do??? Does it just need more time for there to be something else on the readings??

Edit: Both new tanks are planted so I'm not sure if that changes anything?


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You need to change your water to keep ammonia at a safe level. The tanks will cycle in time.

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